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Beginning Anew Meditation

April 17th, 2010

Star Songs are the energies of different stars at different times flowing together to create powerful healing and alignment with the soul. They first come to me as paintings, and then as meditations to accompany the paintings. For maximum effectiveness, I combine the meditations with music.

Star Songs also reveal the journey of the soul, an incredibly rich and wonderful tapestry of experience. Accelerated evolution is the hallmark of this turbulent time on earth and the Star Songs are a great tool for this purpose.

The first painting already appears on this blog, Beginning Anew, an appropriate title for the start of a whole new cycle. We do this continuously in our lives, and sometimes with quite drastic events. At other times new cycles start easily with the gentle gladness of a spring breeze.

Beginning Anew Giclee Print and Meditation CD

Each meditation in the series is held within a Crystalline Consciousness session to bring a profoundly healing experience to you, the listener. The meditation that goes with Beginning Anew is attached as a podcast at the end of this post. I hope you try it and then leave me feedback in the comments.

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And here’s a special offer of a Beginning Anew giclee print and its meditation CD for my blog readers.

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