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Protect Freedom of Choice

This is a quick announcement for those of you who may have missed the news earlier. The FDA has once again extended the comment period until May 29 regarding their proposed new “guidance”, after extending comments once and then rescinding that extension.

This proposed new “guidance” is worded in such a way to open the door for the FDA to completely eliminate any alternative modalities, such as energy work, nutritional counseling, use of herbs, natural juices, etc. in a draconian overreaching of power. The FDA also would consider itself in a position to refuse to allow medical doctors to use these alternatives instead of the usual drug prescriptions.

No legislation would be required as this is a word juggling action that evades the intent of the law and extends FDA power by FDA manipulation.

So much for respecting freedom of choice! More information is available at this link and also this link. Please research this further and file your comments with the FDA if you want to continue to have your freedom of choice.



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