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I used to have a lot of websites I liked but I often lost track of them. I would visit them when they had nothing new and then would forget to check again. Or I just got busy and forgot about them altogether.

With RSS feeds, that changed, so now I subscribe to sites I like and follow them on my feedreader. I use the free Google feedreader and all the new articles from my favorite sites are waiting right there, plain as day. I don’t miss anything now and I don’t have to chase all over the internet to find the new articles!

I have made it easy for you to keep track of Energies of Creation by giving you two simple ways to know when I post a new article. You can subscribe to my RSS Feed or you can sign up for email, whatever works best for you. And I never share email addresses so you are safe from spam!

Either way you never miss out when I write something a little wacky, or thoughtful, or anything in between!

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15 thoughts on “Free Subscription

  1. Nancy

    I am feeling that I just looked in the mirror for the first time after reading your posts. I too have a rare blood cancer that I have been my own advocate of now for about 4 years. The time has come for me to do something, be aware of something more to treat not only the cancer but the external causes of it.
    Reading some of your snippets made it apparent for me that action = healing.

    thank you so much

  2. Lexi Sundell

    I wish you well on your healing path. Our paths to healing often have unexpected surprises and gifts for us.

  3. Ginger Vogler

    This website is awesome Lexi!

    I would love be on your auto email list, as I’m not quite up to speed with the other forms offered above.

    Keep up the inspiring examples!

    Many blessings in aloha,

  4. Zoe Smith

    I awoke at 4.30am with the words Crystaline heart in my head….I couldn’t settle back to sleep so entered the words online and up you popped. Thank you I feel so inspired x

  5. Caroline

    Dear Lexi,

    I am really enjoying your Beginning Anew meditation offered on your blog! Please add me to your email list.

    Many Blessings,

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