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BP, The Oil Spill Villain

Beginning Anew, image of earth

In the bad news of the day BP stands tarred in condemnation for the horrendous crime against nature their incompetence has unleashed. The bad news does not stop there. It is not just BP. This is an issue for all of humanity and none of us can dodge it, disclaim our responsibilities, or ignore it.

Only one issue in this matter is of any significance. Are you as a human being aligned with your soul in service to the divine so that you live every day in reverence for the life of all beings and the earth herself? This is a question both for the individual and for humanity as whole.

The primary purpose of humanity is to master free will and choice. Two main paths lead to this mastery. One is the often traveled road of self destruction. By ignoring our connection to the divine we can focus on our own unbalanced emotional needs or mentally driven ideas that spin out of control without the vital surrender to the divine. Greed, war, excessive self-indulgence, and other atrocities mark this path.

The far less common path is that of choosing to surrender to the divine which leads to the joyful acceptance of all the life on this planet. This path usually gets scant attention, which is reason enough for our predicament in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Mastering the art of free will and choice by massive self-destruction is a gruesome and painful way to learn the consequences of our choices, but the mass consciousness of humanity has mired itself in that path.

I have witnessed a wide range of responses and reactions to the oil spill. I saw a comment online by someone complaining his vacation to Florida was being spoiled and he wished the oil spill had been delayed a few days. How small minded and self interested is that?

Others have reacted with anger or emotional pain at the huge destruction to the ecosystem. Still others are left wondering how to survive with their livelihoods damaged or destroyed. And then there are those who discuss using a nuclear bomb to seal the oil leak.

Blaming BP is epidemic. BP is, of course, far from blameless, but their acts are only the tip of this particular iceberg in human consciousness.

No one doubts that this is a time of massive upheaval and change. The havoc in global financial conditions is unmistakable, even to those who usually keep their minds buried in their television sets. Other changes even more unpredictable loom on the horizon.

So what on earth is going on? That is indeed the question.

Great transformational energies are moving through our entire solar system, our planet, our own individual beings. This is not a tidy process. Everything mired in outmoded patterns is getting thrown out in the cosmic house cleaning. New patterns we do not understand are replacing them, in a great stew of chaos.

The earth has her own deep transformation moving with inexorable power. For untold eons this planet has been a refuge for those of us who came to hide, to struggle with our wounds from unknown battles. The earth has been a sanctuary, although not often recognized in that role.

Now the earth sets a new course as her own transformation unfolds. She is no longer holding the sanctuary but is moving into some new role of her own choosing. That profound shift has been like an earthquake in human consciousness, just as though our anthill had taken a huge kick.

Without pause, another change enters the world with the BP oil spill. The earth is choosing not to tolerate the misuse of humans she has endured for so long. The choice to master free will and choice by self-destruction will be accelerated now, even as the choice to master free will and choice by service to the divine will also be accelerated.

The division is wrenchingly deep as humanity tries to make its own evolutionary leap in this chaotic flux of energies. Unfortunately even some of those who cry out against the destruction in the oil spill are still doing so out of self interest.

I love the beauty of this planet and the way I have experienced it in my life. I do not want to let that beauty go.

However, I have to ask why should the earth hold back from choosing a cycle in which she is loved and respected by all who live here? Does she deserve to be plundered and despoiled? Do any of us deserve to be plundered and despoiled?

The answer seems obvious enough to me. If I am serious about my choice to align my soul with the divine, I must surrender to this process. I do not understand it all and I do not know how the transformation will complete. As humans we may not be part of the picture anymore if too many hold to the path of self-destruction.

I do know the choice that I find worthwhile and trust that path for myself. And I ask for a blessing for the earth in her new cycle as she shakes off the old patterns, the old ways of being.

So what choice do you make at this crossroads for humanity?