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Surrender to the Divine

I found myself alone on a high mountaintop, surrounded by sheets of rippling white fire. I was alone with the divine, the solitary path of the soul no one else can walk for another. I felt my spirit begin to soften, a surprising gentleness in this colossal furnace.

I have been casting gold and silver all week, for many years in fact, and never realized the metal might feel softness as the heat consumes its form. The intensity of the burning would seem to override softness, but that is not so.

The gold first is bathed in the light of the torch, changing color but not form. It grows red and then gradually loses its shape as it slumps into a glowing yellow molten mass. That molten mass becomes more brilliant, and then flows and moves like quicksilver.

When the torch is removed, the molten, easy flowing metal is centrifugally thrown into a prepared flask, a cavity that creates the new transformed shape the metal will cool and hold.

But now I know from within the divine fire itself that the spirit softens as form begins to burn away.

I offered everything I love the most to this all-consuming fire. This was no casual surrender, not my earlier surrender of that which I love to divine service. Divine service can leave the forms intact, but this required total surrender.

I yielded all that I love and silently watched as it grew incandescent in the fire and the forms dissolved in the light, changing forevermore, the old forms never to be seen again.

The fire, too, was consuming me. I became running quicksilver, a new creation of spirit, my form still only known to the divine heart.

The true meaning of Pluto in Capricorn caught me. Pluto is annihilation or transformation and frequently combines them in unimaginable power. Capricorn is traditional structure and form.

I am annihilated and I am transformed into a new form not yet created, a form still held secret in the molten fire, a gift from the divine heart itself.