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Working with Guides Part Three Or Getting Down to Business

Introductions with the New Guides

When you first meet someone, the usual response is something that boils down to “Hello, who are you?” It was no different when I met my new guides.

They showed me a little of themselves in their realm of being. They were not being coy, we are talking about my limits of comprehension here. Translating the information they showed me into this post requires some background information.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ and Crystalline Star Beings

Gia and I together brought in the protocol for Crystalline Consciousness Technique™. The CCT guides (for lack of a better description, they may be something else altogether) recently showed Gia that CCT came into the earth plane a bit early in order to be a new tool to help humanity through the intensity of the earth changes and urgencies of the cycles of time converging.

Apparently Gia and I together combined to create a field that allowed the information to enter at a time earlier than would naturally have occurred without the accelerated help of the CCT guides using our combined field. To put it simply, CCT is a protocol that brings information without distortion and jet propels intentions into reality without distortion.

I had noticed some sort of similarity between these crystalline beings of the Crystalline Star and the CCT guides, but was far from convinced they were the same. It turns out they are not.

However, the crystalline beings are actively employing the creative process which has been packaged for humans in the form of CCT. This explains why I saw the similarity but the crystalline star beings are not the same group which is actively creating the CCT package for humans on earth.

The Activations

The new guides wasted no time in starting to work with me. The first thing that came through was what I called the DNA Lightsong Activation. This was an activation done with CCT which brought more light into the cells of the body, bringing higher vibration and the foundation for greater health and vitality.

Shortly after that, the Crystalline Heart Activation came in another CCT session. The delightful thing about this activation is it can be used repeatedly, and I must say the results for me so far have been downright stunning.

I find that these guides bring me information, which I immediately apply, such as receiving the information about these activations and then using them in CCT sessions, and only after that do I recognize the implications of what has occurred.

Creativity Training

One of my purposes in starting this blog was to create a platform for sharing/teaching creativity. I absolutely love seeing people expand their creativity in positive and useful ways. As an artist, this happens naturally in my paintings and other artforms I create. But creativity can be brought to bear in any area of life, so I did not see this as limited solely to artists.

Since I have been finishing my book on painting florals in acrylic (the publisher in London said they sent it to press last Friday, Yay!) I have not even started preparing the materials or form of presentation for my creativity training.

After a few days of experiencing these activations I am starting to see they are the cornerstone of the creativity training I will be presenting through this blog. As I said, these guides wasted no time in getting right to work.

I thought it would be fall before I had time to work on this material, but it is spontaneously happening in the here and now, regardless of the complexities of my summer schedule.

A New Found Humility

In the course of all this, I have felt some huge shifts that have integrated easily and naturally. I have never felt such a powerful sense of grace or such an ease and peace in my heart.

I must say these are the first personal guides who have ever inspired a sense of humility in me. The others may have been quite well meaning, but just did not hit the mark.

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