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Pain and the Human Spirit

The shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and others in Arizona, including an amazing nine year old girl, brought our nation face to face with violence, the specter menacing all our freedoms and all our lives.

Shrill arguments rise about the rhetoric of violence, arguments trying to dodge taking responsibility for what has been said, deliberately blurring the crucial distinction between dissent and violence itself.

I suggest listening instead to K.D. Lang sing this song. The lyrics speak of bafflement, pain, anguish, and the broken heart. We as a nation feel all those things as we seek a different state of being than the one we experience today.

The voice of K.D. Lang takes us beyond the lyrics of the song and into the soaring of the human spirit. We always have the option of going through the pain to an awakening of our greater spirit. May we as a nation choose to find this soaring of the human spirit and bring it into direct action in our lives.