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After the Massive Project

Errant pixels strolled across my computer screen and vaporized without a trace, perhaps taking a few stray html tags with them. Notes on assorted scraps of paper teetered beside the monitor, threatening to slide onto the keyboard or floor.

Sometimes this room has been so crowded I felt more like I wore it than entered it. The current level of chaos has made it an ill-fitting garment indeed.

But, at long last, the rebuild of the RiverStone Gallery website is up and running. I sit here in the litter left behind, feeling both exhausted and relieved.

More than 200 pages complete with slideshows of artwork, cross links, a brand new attached blog, page redirects, and god knows what all are online at last. The process of creating them took so long I forgot I might someday emerge from it all back into real life.

A light dusting of snow on the ground announces that fall has disappeared during the project. So I sit, as the shortened day slips into night far too quickly, and wonder what I will do next.

Chasing gremlins with a broom through the website took two or three weeks before their havoc subsided. I have dreamed of html in my sleep.

Perhaps tonight I will dream of cold snow against a black sky, and in the morning pick up a paintbrush dipped in deep red paint.