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Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

What Is Crystalline Consciousness Technique™?

As co-founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ I work extensively with it in my daily life. CCT is a cutting edge modality that rapidly accelerates intention into manifestation, healing and evolving consciousness in the process.

A CCT session occurs in three phases. Opening is the first phase and creates a container of trust and safety in which healing work can occur. Fear and tension are released so a feeling of deep relaxation can appear in this phase.

Healing Chambers is the phase in which the appropriate sacred geometry healing chambers are used. This phase can feel chaotic as outmoded patterns release.

The Intention is stated after Healing Chambers. Intention is what gives direction to the healing work in CCT so it is important to state your deepest core intention for maximum results.

Intentions are stated in positive terms because the energy body does not read negatives. “I don’t want to fall down” translates for the energy body as “I want to fall down” which is counterproductive.

You can start identifying your intention with a negative but then flip it to a positive statement. “I don’t want to fall down” can become “I want to be balanced and stable” for instance.

The third and final phase is Mastery in which the healing work is completed and integrated. Considerable karmic release is part of this phase. My experience of Mastery is a warm, buttery feeling as everything settles beautifully into place.

Try a CCT Session for Yourself

If you go to Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ you will see on the left navigation panel “Try a Free Mini Session.”

This is a CCT activated process in which you can actually experience a session for yourself as an individual. I recommend trying it because this is such an experiential modality little can be said to describe it. The experience of a session will bring its own clarity.

You can do this free mini session as many times as you wish using different intentions for yourself, but not for others who must do this for themselves. This modality completely honors each individual’s free will and choice and does not make choices for others.

Group Issues in CCT

The mini session is done specifically for one individual, not for a group, but CCT is also fabulous for resolving group issues. The premise of CCT is that if any member of a group is presenting a problem, then that problem appears in some form throughout the other members of the group.

For instance, if Fred is communicating badly in the workplace, it does not mean Fred is the problem. It instead means Fred is illustrating a communication problem woven throughout the group, even if sometimes in subtle ways. This immediately eliminates scapegoating or the blame game.

The mini session is not designed to address group issues, but CCT
practitioners can do group sessions on behalf of a group member. Any
member is able to bring an intention to the group.

Due to the difference between the group energy and individual energy, no personal free will and choice is violated. Changing the group energy can support the individuals involved in healing and evolving.

So, going back to Fred, another member of the group, or even Fred himself, might bring an intention of clear communication to the group. This starts a different dynamic that can bring profound change quickly.

Communication patterns in the group overall will greatly change and improve, even if any specific individual is unable or unwilling to move forward at that time.

CCT and Family Relationships

Because CCT works with group energy, any group can benefit from CCT. A marriage is a group of two, the immediate family can be a group, the extended family can be a group.

By designating the group involved, healing intentions can be brought into all sorts of difficult group dynamics, cleanly and with integrity.

CCT Practitioners Facilitate Clear Intention

CCT practitioners may ask questions of the person receiving the session to clarify the most appropriate intention.

When I am doing this, I do not care at all what the final intention is; I care that when the intention is stated I can hear it coming powerfully from the core of the person.

Once it does so, my experience is that it will be an effective healing, whatever the stated intention itself is.

After the Mini Session

CCT works as well long distance as in person. If you have experienced the mini session and would like to try a full session for yourself or for a group to which you belong, I can do this by phone or by email on your behalf.

I do not take many clients as I am an artist and gallery owner and have many demands on my time. At the moment I do have a limited number of openings available.

The main requirement is that you provide your intentions for the session, which is the reason a phone call or email is needed. My standard rates are $70 for a session up to an hour long. Additional time is billed at $70 an hour. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. You can schedule a session by emailing me.

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