Beginning Anew

Beginning Anew is an apt name for the first painting I have done in months, the first painting since I became too ill to paint. It was a challenging time in which I nearly died a couple of times from an entrenched systemic infection.

That is now behind me. As my rather battered body slowly recovers strength, the other levels of my being are in a state of heightened thriving. I remained so deeply internal during this time that much of my inner landscape has changed dramatically.

It is now time for these new gifts and insights to flow out into the physical world, and this painting is the first step in that happening. By my usual standards, this is a rather small painting, 18 inches wide by 24 inches high, acrylic on canvas.

However, it carries the energy of the vision behind it. Beginning Anew speaks to the process of personal rebirth as well as the powerful transformations occurring here on this beautiful planet we inhabit.

At any given moment, certain cycles are always ending and new ones beginning. This is the natural flow of life. The ability to release the old with trust and joy opens doors for undreamed new possibilities to surprise and delight us on our journeys.



The meditation that goes with this painting can be heard here, where you can also read about the giclee print of the painting and the Star Songs subscription. Lexi Sundell’s original painting is available at RiverStone Gallery.

Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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