Encounter with Cow Energy

“My neighbors have a valuable calf with problems. She was born about January first and her mother stepped on her ribs within two days of her birth. The vet says that is causing trouble with the calf’s right rear leg. She can’t use it, and the other rear leg is bowing from taking all the weight on that baby cartilage. Can you go work on her?”

Life is full of surprises. I had never done energy work on a cow, but I was willing to have a go. The vet had already said there wasn’t anything he could do about the leg.

I drove down the road to a long, winding, and very slippery driveway. The directions were good and I arrived at the right farm. The young couple took me to see the calf.

She was standing in the barn with the sore leg held up off the ground, and as my friend had described, the other rear leg showing a pronounced bow.

She was a little skittish about a stranger so they laid her down for me to do some hands on Reiki and other energy work. I could feel strong energy on her spine up around her shoulders but it dropped off dramatically towards her rump.

Her breathing was quite ragged and labored. They said she had pneumonia as well.

As I worked I started feeling the essence of cow energy. Every kind of animal has a distinctly different feel, a different set of qualities.

Cow is most interesting, I could feel why it became a sacred animal in India. Cow energy has a strong, abundant steady feel to it.

And this poor little calf with the gentle spirit could not get that strong cow energy flowing to her hindquarters.

She also felt really discouraged. I had the strong sense this baby had come into the world expecting a cow dream of green grass and sunshine. Instead, she was flung into a harsh Montana winter with below zero temperatures and an inexperienced mom. Everything went wrong for her.

As I worked with her I was trying to describe hands on energy work to the young couple without overdoing the explanation. Eventually one of my hands on her hindquarters began to hurt.

That, in my personal set of signals, is a good sign. It meant some of the trauma was releasing and the feeling in my hand was the indicator signal.

After working some more I got the intuitive feeling this session was done and I stopped working. The couple is greatly concerned about their calf and offered me milk and beef to take with me, but I declined.

I felt it best to just see what happens with the small creature. I have no philosophical objection to being paid for my services, but this was a first time event with a cow.

After I left I kept feeling the little calf’s energy and information floated into my mind. I had the recurring thought the calf would benefit from a couple of massages each day if someone could show the couple how to do it. And that she probably could use some good animal chiropractic.

The next morning I spoke with my friend who sent me to the couple and told her. She knows someone who does equine chiropractic and thought it was a good idea to try it with the calf. She also had a professional massage therapist on the farm right then so that was an easy option too.

I don’t know how things will go with this sweet natured calf, but I will be seeing her again for more work in a few days.

I kept reassuring her energetically she can still have that green grass and sunshine, she just has to hang in there and let that wonderful strong cow energy work through her body like it is supposed to do. Now I have to let go and allow things to work out as they will.

See the story of the next Reiki session with her at The Little Calf and Reiki Update.

I am happy to say this article has been included in the delightful Carnival of Reiki and the informative Qigong and Energy Arts Forum.

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