Winter Energies

Winter is a time of both major projects and quiet introspection for me. I love it when the town becomes quiet and few people are here to distract me.

I have a few major projects I intend to complete each winter and I am making good headway on the ones for this year. I managed to get this blog updated in a major way a few days ago, I have created some new websites, and I am learning how to use video.

The introspection comes of its own accord at this time of year. It is a good time to go into an internal quiet and observe all the patterns of energy. After the upheaval of a tumultuous fall, this winter has a special sort of inner stillness to it.

One method I use a lot is to open a CCT session and invite my guides and the nature spirits to show me what I need to know about my energies. This can be both surprising and enlightening when they respond, which they do quite promptly.

Often I am doing better than I give myself credit for doing, and equally often my attention is drawn to a pattern I had not been noticing consciously. If it needs some sort of work, I am already in a CCT session so it is the perfect time to address whatever needs attention.

I would be interested in hearing how each of you work with the energies of winter in your own lives. I realize for some of you, you actually are in the glory of summer, but I would still like your input, either about your summer energies or winter ones.

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