The Little Calf and Reiki Update

The big bull was standing in the middle of the path between the gates, facing me quite directly. I have no desire to challenge a bull, but I had to go through that corral to get to the barn where the injured calf was waiting. And I had to do it by myself today.

I muscle tested and it was ok to go, so I opened the gate and went in the corral. Instead of walking directly at the bull, I nonchalantly walked along the fence and then made a long loop around the bull. He kept watching me, but never made any belligerent moves. Neither did I!

I got through the gate on the other side without incident and went to see the little calf. She does not look so forlorn and her pneumonia is better. Liz has been massaging and handling her a lot, which clearly showed. She was briefly skittish as I approached her, but I took hold of her neck and rump and she immediately stood still.

The second time with Reiki on an animal, or a human for that matter, is often easier and more effective because their body has some idea what can be done with the energy. This little calf quickly showed her enthusiasm by leaning her neck into my hand. It was the first time she had shown any interest at all.

I stood there and ran Reiki with one hand on her neck and one on her rump for awhile. She decided to lie down and flopped over on her side awkwardly. She was under the infrared lamp they had hung in the barn for her and the straw was fresh and clean.

I sat down beside her back and did more Reiki, moving my hands as I felt the need. Once both were on the hip and top part of the non-functional rear leg, my hands really got hot and felt suction cupped in place for a very long time.

As I sat there, I had the strong impression that the mom had stepped on the calf’s ribs, picked up her foot, and started to set it down on the troubled hip, but pulled back before putting her full weight on it. I have no way of checking this, but that is the strong impression I had with my hands on her.

It was good to have energy running in her rump since it had been difficult to get anything happening there last week. Eventually I moved one hand down to her hock. Some energy was moving there as well. However, the foot was still feeling dormant under my hand.

Her leg does not straighten, so I put one hand on her hip and one on her hock and ran Reiki with gentle traction. Her leg was lying slightly straighter when I quit, but it is a long way from usable at this point.

The odds are stacked so heavily against this little calf it was good to see some improvement, particularly with the horrendous wind and cold we have had lately. In addition to the heat lamp, during one of the worst nights the young man had put gloves on her ears and duct taped them in place.

The tips of her ears still froze. He said they will wrinkle up and fall off, so her ears will be a bit shorter, but at least she still has ears. He also told me that since she was premature she was too weak to stand when first born and spent the first night in the house as they tried to get her going.

They have not found a chiropractor for her yet, but I found out my own chiropractor works on animals so I gave them that referral.

At least the little calf is hanging in there at the moment. She has much more energy running through her and I did not feel that deep discouragement in her that was so pronounced last week.

We will see what happens.

The previous article about this calf is called Encounter with Cow Energy. The next article is Lucy the Calf and Reiki.

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