Lucy the Calf and Reiki

Last week I stopped by the ranch as scheduled to work with Lucy, the small injured calf I described in Encounter With Cow Energy and The Little Calf and Reiki Update. I navigated through the bull pen without incident, and went into the area around the barn.

The mom cow was acting a little anxious and came to me, wanting something from me. I scratched her forehead and we went into the barn.

The heat lamp was out and the barn was silent, dark, and empty. I could see that the calf was gone. The owners were away so I could not ask them what had happened.

I did some reiki with the mom cow who was showing more distress. Then I drove away, feeling a great sadness for the small calf with the sweet spirit.

To my surprise, the next day I heard that they had simply taken Lucy to the vet. He said the bone at the top of the femur on the injured leg was dying and they planned a surgery to remove it. Since she is so young he said there was a chance the muscles would develop to hold the leg in place, since bone would no longer be doing so.

We all were delighted to hear Lucy might have a chance at walking again. The vet said she would always have to be artificially inseminated but dairy cows do not have to walk a lot, so it could work.

The surgery was two days ago. Lucy’s heart immediately stopped beating when she received anesthesia and never started again.

I am sad she did not get to see the green pastures and sunshine that are still far away in this climate. At the same time, I realize she may have been gifted an easy way to end the situation if the operation was not going to succeed.

We all would have hated to see her have even more pain and more struggles without any reward. Lucy’s life force was weak from the beginning with the premature birth. She responded as best she could to everyone’s efforts to help her, but she just could not stay the course.

We like happy endings to our healing stories, but life is what it is, and dying is indeed part of life. Sometimes we have to just stand and accept what is.

In the short time I worked with her, Lucy brought me a great gift. For the first time I received the opportunity to directly feel that incredible energy inherent in the spirit of cows.  I certainly will not forget this experience.

I do not really know how to describe the steady, powerful, abundant flowing energy that is the essence of the cow. I do hope that as I move through life I can bring the beauty of that energy into greater expression around me, a beauty I first found in a small sweet calf that spent such a brief time here.

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  1. Sniff. Maybe Lucy went off to hang with the sacred cows of India.

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