Physical Tree of Life Healing Session

Three days ago I sprained my left knee trying not to trample our puppy who had gotten tangled underfoot. The knee was screaming inside at the least pressure or wrong movement. After working hard on several projects all week I was also quite tired. In short, I was not a person at that time that would be a good choice to do energy work on someone else.

However, I had an appointment with Gia Combs-Ramirez to exchange energy work. We intended to explore a new level of the Tree of Life healing series she originated within the Crystalline Consciousness Technique™.

The series is a minimum of four sessions, one each for the physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and energy bodies. Using her former method I had experienced a dramatic improvement in my lower back which had been ailing from an old injury in college. That was only the most obvious external result, the process initiates powerful shifts and integration on all levels.

As the work continues to evolve, she has now found a way to bring activation into each of the points used in the Tree of Life healing process. We used to stop after each point released, which, as I said, produced great results, but it felt a bit gnarly going through the series the first time.

She watched me limp up the steps to her home and we had no discussion as to who would be first on the table. I was not going to be much use until I got shaped up myself!

We went to the new massage room at the ranch, which is a lovely space for energy healing. The first points went a bit slowly and then the work went really fast, rather to my surprise. The process had a new grace and ease that was delightful to experience.

I came off the table with my knee already feeling good and my energy level greatly increased. I was overflowing with joy and an exuberant sense of well being. Now, I was ready and able to work!

Gia went on the table and she is not one to miss the chance to do major work. We proceeded rather slowly through her session as each point went through a variety of energetic changes. I always enjoy energy healing with her because she quickly goes to quite profound levels and it can be quite an adventure.

When we were done, we both had shifted into far more energized states of being. New insights emerged during the sessions but we know the process continues to unfold for some time afterwards.

On the way home the knee still did not like pushing the clutch on the pickup but instead of screaming inside it was just a bit tender. The next morning continued to show improvement. Squatting down to put the leash on the puppy I discovered that was not yet a good move.

Now it is three days since the session and I have not been bothered by my knee at all today. That might be normal for some people, but after all the damage I have done to my legs, ankles, and feet, I do not usually heal quickly from a sprain. Considering all the yard work I want to do right away, I am really thrilled!

We plan to do the other three sessions for a complete series, exchanging once a week until all four are done. I think it is going to be exhilarating and should propel me forward on all levels in an accelerated manner. I better hold my hat! I will continue to write about the sessions as they occur for any of you who are interested as to how they unfold.

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