Why I Learned Reiki

My husband, Bern, went on a hunting trip with Dan, who hunts in a completely masochistic manner. They hiked in rough wooded terrain almost straight up from around 5000 feet of altitude to about 9000 feet altitude. As they crested the top, an icy blast of wind hit them.

Bern’s heart went wildly out of rhythm. The situation became so bad neither of them thought he was coming back down the mountain. Fortunately (what an understatement!) Bern’s heart settled down after awhile and they gingerly made their way back to the vehicles.

I sent him to my friend Gia, who was still doing massage at the time. She could usually straighten out anything that was awry with either of us but she was not at all comfortable with the situation and recommended he go see a doctor or nurse practitioner.

We were not particularly receptive to that recommendation, having just come through the ordeal of having him nearly killed by a medication prescribed for heart trouble. The specialists then found he was having esophageal spasms, not heart trouble, after intensive care and an angiogram.

I told Bern he had a choice. We could find him a new doctor, or he could get reiki from a lady in town who was at the reiki II level. I had gone to her a couple of times and liked the work.

Bern was disconcerted. He asked in confusion, “Reiki???”

I told him all he had to do was take his shoes off. And that he should just take whichever choice he wanted and not give me any crap about it. He chose the reiki, due to his intense aversion for the medical establishment.

The next day off he went to his appointment with Jane. When he came home, this quiet man sat down and talked almost non-stop for about an hour. He had previously been of the attitude that when you die, you are dead, period.

But he was suddenly talking about death not being the big black end and that he knew he could achieve his dreams, and so on. If I had not been sitting down I think I would have fallen on the floor in astonishment.

After all that he then announced that was only the first half of the session. I asked him what could possibly be left for the second half?

He said Jane had him flip over to lying face down. He noticed he could not breathe in and out fully. At a certain point his breath would catch. So he spent the second half trying to get his breathing smooth with full inhales and exhales. By the end of the session, he was breathing normally again.

He said he thought it was from all the jewelry work making tiny pieces of inlay. He figured he was holding his breath a lot manipulating those small precise bits of stone into place.

Later in the evening I called Jane. Before I said anything, she mentioned that the oddest thing had happened when she worked with Bern. For no reason she understood, she had spontaneously synchronized her breathing with his during the second half of the session.

Three days later Bern hiked higher than he had been with his friend and had no problems. I immediately decided to go learn how to do reiki. In short order I became a Reiki Master, both Usui and Karuna.

I was able to use reiki to bring my husband out of his heart rhythm problems as they occurred.I have come home and found him with gray skin, the heart so badly out of rhythm, and reiki would bring him back to a smooth rhythm within a matter of minutes.

I learned to stay with it after the heart regained rhythm until a subtle energy I could feel in my hands had also smoothed. When I gave it the extra time, he would not have another episode in a half hour or so.

Fortunately, we eventually discovered a nutrional supplement that supplied the missing ingredients for his heart function and I no longer need to use reiki to bring him back to rhythm. But reiki has become a daily part of my life and brings many other seen and unseen benefits.

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