Crystalline Heart Activation

Judy’s Poppy

The Crystalline Heart Activation is designed to bring forth creative expression of the soul’s purpose. The intensity of the light which enters the heart from within burns away outmoded patterns of longstanding interference held in the beliefs and emotions of the recipient.

In practice this means that unexamined assumptions may rapidly dissolve, leaving the recipient surprised to discover he or she is suddenly flowing with a different and previously unknown level of grace which feels completely natural.

This is an initiatory awakening, based within the cells of the body but also occurring in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously. Accumulated traumas which retard further progress readily dissolve in the light of the Crystalline Heart Activation.

The DNA Lightsong Activation is a useful forerunner to the Crystalline Heart Activation as it brings more light into the body and lays the groundwork for a vibrant, healthy body. Karmic patterns which are no longer needed are released and the cells of the body begin to carry a higher vibration, containing more light.

Historically, the evolutionary pattern of humanity has been one of progression through trauma. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is a polite way of saying that dire events propel us into creative expansion.

The DNA Lightsong Activation and Crystalline Heart Activation combine to introduce a new paradigm of evolution for humans. Instead of experiencing drama/trauma in order to progress, creative expansion is accessed in a peaceful and joyful manner.

The old paradigm of the “suffering artist” dissolves in this new light of being. Great energy gathers and creates forms unimagined. Transformation is no longer a tedious and painstaking process but is occurring literally at the speed of light within the cells of the body.

The mind takes a little longer to realize the effects of these changes. As usual, the conscious mind is the last to know what is happening, despite its pretensions of running the show.

Interestingly enough, the mind is not panicked by the immense changes it begins to perceive. The Crystalline Heart Activation brings a deeply pervasive sense of peace which supports the mind in adjusting naturally to the changes arising from within the self.

The process is one of delighted self discovery as old barriers fall away and new potentials emerge in dancing rainbows of light. The experience is that of dawn light stripping away the nightmares of the darkness, all gently done with the delicacy and grace of a flower petal kissed by the morning sun.

These activations are available to anyone who has completed a Basic CCT class, email Lexi for details.

The painting shown is Judy’s Poppy, 24 inches wide by 18 inches high and was a special commission by Lexi Sundell. Other works by Lexi can be seen at RiverStone Gallery.



Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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7 thoughts on “Crystalline Heart Activation

  1. Ray Goudie

    I enjoy reading your postings. However, I seem to be going around in circles trying to find details about the Crystalline Heart Activation. I try clicking on the tern, which has been made hot, and it takes me to another posting that contains the term, but does not describe the process. This subsequent posting also contains the term, Crystalline Heart Activation, and it is also a hot link. I click on the link and I am back to where I started. Where is the process described?

    Thank you.

  2. Lexi Sundell

    Thanks for your interest here. I ran into an unexpected glitch with the new DNA Lightsong Crystalline Heart Activations. This can happen when you play at the cutting edge as I do.

    I do them within a Crystalline Consciousness TechniqueTM session and was so delighted with how they worked for me I was intending to offer them to interested people as distance healing sessions.

    However, the first person for whom I did the DNA Lightsong Activation more or less felt like they had been hit with a sledgehammer. It was about four days of immense irritability and discomfort, and this from a person who is almost always genial and relaxed!

    I took another look at the situation and the fact is these activations work with the crystalline system, which itself is activated by receiving the Basic CCT activations.

    If that is not done first, these new activations are processed through the central nervous system, which is why my unsuspecting recipient had such difficulty with it This recipient will benefit from it in the long run but I see no reason to work with a sledgehammer when it can be properly done with gentle easy integration instead.

    The Crystalline Heart Activation packs even more of a wallop than the DNA Lightsong Activation, so I definitely would not do that for anyone who has not had Basic CCT activations at this point.

    I was merrily proceeding with the work on myself without noticing how drastic the difference is between working with the crystalline system and not doing so. This episode brought it sharply to my attention.

    As a result I am only offering these two activations to people who have completed a Basic CCT class. Otherwise it is roughly similar to giving someone a Reiki Master attunement who has not received Reiki 1 and 2 attunements first.

    I do teach the Basic CCT class, as do other teachers, if you are interested in taking that route.

    I will also be teaching how to do these activations, but do not yet know if it will be to those who have completed Advanced CCT or if it should be to those who are CCT Teachers.

    Thanks again,

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