Working with Guides Part Two Or The New Guides

If you have not read “Working with Guides Part One Or Have You Fired Your Guides Lately?” please read it first to give a context for Part Two in this post.

The Crystalline Star

I opened the CCT session and went into the second phase, Chambers. This is the phase where information is most easily accessed. I wanted to know what I should do next, since all my guides were gone.

To my surprise, the first information I received was that I had volunteers to be my new guides from a place I call the Crystalline Star.

I sometimes visit the Crystalline Star in meditation. I have no idea if it has an actual physical location or not, and since I could not travel there physically, it does not really matter to me.

What matters is that the Crystalline Star is where my paintings originate. I see them forming there. I don’t mean I see the finished paintings, I see the consciousness of the paintings being created. Those consciousnesses could take many different physical forms, not just specific flower paintings, although that is how I personally offer them a doorway for expression.

I see other creations that do not become my paintings but go on and become something else, but I know next to nothing about them. The interior of the Crystalline Star is intensely powerful, brilliant with light, and I cannot sustain being there for very long.

Crystalline Star Beings

I am aware of great crystalline beings in the star who seem to be directing these creative processes and have been curious about who they are. Yet I cannot even see them, the light is so radiant and powerful.

To say that I was flabbergasted such beings were willing to undertake being guides for me is a serious understatement. Not being a total idiot, I immediately agreed enthusiastically.

This has been a complete change compared to my previous horde of hundreds of guides. I now have four. One way I might describe the difference is it is like going from a radio station that was full of static, static I never noticed because it was the only station I ever heard, to perfectly clear air.

I don’t feel anything inhibiting or interfering with my core essence anymore, which is absolutely wonderful. In this new quiet clarity, I find I must communicate with the new guides in an altogether different way than the old ones. Even though the techniques of muscle testing, telepathy, felt sense, etc. remain the same, the process itself is drastically altered.

Mentally Driven Vs. Soul Directed

I had been moving from mentally driven, which is the condition of almost everyone in our culture, to soul directed. This is probably what was deepening the breach between my and my former guides.

From a mentally driven point of view everything has to work from the mind and how it perceives. Soul directed point of view originates in the heart. I do not mean an emotionally needy, sentimentally sloppy heart, but the heart that resonates with core essence, with soul purpose, which is another matter entirely.

I used the mentally driven approach with my former guides. With my new guides no communication at all occurs from a mentally driven approach. If I want to communicate with them, I have to move into a heart centered approach and then loads of information flows freely.

In the course of learning how to communicate with these new guides, I have learned a lot quite rapidly. I shall address some of those matters in Part Three.



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