Working With Guides Part One, Or Have You Fired Your Guides Lately?

How Do You Work With Your Guides?

Do you know your guides? Do you call them angels? Whatever terminology you prefer, do you know how to work effectively with them?

Myths about guides abound. “I have an old Egyptian priest and a native American shaman.” “The angels kept me out of that car wreck.” How does one separate the useful information from ego laden boasting? What do you need to know about your guides anyway?

Competence of Guides

For starters, I recommend finding out if they are competent. This may seem like complete heresy to all those who revere their guides and unquestioningly follow their bidding, but it is a perfectly reasonable starting point nonetheless.

Who are guides anyway? Since omniscience and perfection are qualities usually reserved for the highest deity, we can safely assume guides are neither omniscient nor perfect. This easily gives rise to questions about their skills and knowledge.

Guides typically are thought of as non-physical entities that assist us living on the earth plane. As non physical beings, their first area of fallibility is they often do not fully appreciate what it is like living in the density of the physical. Communication with guides needs to be a two way street with any difficulties in the physical realm quickly being made clear to them.

The next area of fallibility lies with the skills and knowledge of the guides themselves. They are on their own learning path and usually are matched with individuals they can genuinely assist. However, if that individual makes some dramatic changes, the guides may not be equipped to deal with the new state of affairs.

Firing My Guides

I have fired my guides on three different occasions. This is not as arbitrary as it sounds.

The first time I was going through a phase of rapid transformation when I first learned reiki. I was walking through the backyard and the dog ran across diagonally in front of me, clotheslining my neck with the long lead. This was so violent I nearly fainted.

After my senses cleared, it was evident my guides were simply trying to get my attention! I do not recall what they had in mind, but I went ballistic. It was not as though I had been ignoring them and they had to resort to such drastic measures.

I had quite the tantrum and kept moving up levels of awareness until I felt I had encountered the proper authorities. I presented the facts of the situation and irately said I wanted my guides examined. If the guides were indeed appropriate I would accept them, but if they were not, I wanted them gone.

After some deliberations I saw three guides leave. Three new ones came to take their place. Life proceeded in a less turbulent fashion.

Later I had another time of rapid change and made another request to the Lords of Karma to assess the situation. More guides left and new replacements provided.

Educating Guides

After that the tactic changed. New guides have been added to educate the ones not up to par. Every so often I acquired some more guides, until I apparently had hundreds of them.

Firing All the Guides at Once

This ended abruptly a few days ago. Once again I was working with some rapidly changing energy processes. My friend Gia said she saw something awry in my energy and asked if I was fully aligned with the work we were doing with CCT. I said I was fully aligned. She suggested I look at my team.

I took a look at my guides and instantly went into a fury. Anger is a strong indicator of boundaries being violated. I felt that some of the guides were not only against my spiritual path but were sabotaging it.

I was so furious I cannot say exactly what was happening, but the next thing I knew I was internally shouting, “I don’t care if it is all of them, I won’t work with any guides that are not fully aligned with this!”

Gia suddenly said everything looked fine energetically and thanked me for whatever I had done.

I felt a great quiet. I actually liked it, but I began to wonder how many guides had left this time. I suspected it was quite a few of them. As the quiet continued, I took a look. Every single guide was completely and utterly gone.

This was quite shocking to me. Even though I felt most of the guides had been with me for eons, I was deeply relieved by their absence, which further added to the shock.

I was bewildered about what to do next. I had no desire to ask for a batch of replacements but no ideas arose as to how to deal with the situation.

After awhile I opened a CCT session for myself to get more information. What happened during that session was even more surprising, and leads us into my next post, Part Two of this series.

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3 thoughts on “Working With Guides Part One, Or Have You Fired Your Guides Lately?

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  2. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

    Wow!!! Firing your guides is a totally new idea for me to absorb. I do know through a friend of mine that I had 8 guides/angels whatever you want to call them at one time. A few years later, she told me I had a whole new crew of 8 more. I do have rapid growth spurts like you are describing so maybe that is why. I will have to think about your article. Thinking is always good. Thanks.

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