Five Future Possibilities

Visualize Possibilities has started the VIP Meme, which requires that we list five aspects of how we feel or the world looks in the future when it all “works.” I am tagging any of you who wish to participate. A more complete explanation of the meme is at the Visualize Possibilities site. Please link both to them and to me if you want to join. Be sure to use the keywords VIP Meme if you do.

Authentic Communication
I can communicate clearly and easily what is true in any situation and have it be heard and understood. Others can do the same. This requires deep self honesty for all. Little white lies and blatant manipulations are obsolete and unworkable in this framework of integrity.

Balance with Nature
My life flows in natural rhythms in harmony with the planet, the solar system, and the universe. So does our society. Stewardship of resources replaces exploitation.

Soul Directed Life
My overly busy mind bows to the greater source of wisdom. With trust I move forward into the unknown. The more the mind knows, the more it encounters the boundaries of what is not known, so the unknown always increases. Astonishingly, the entire culture embraces this previously alarming reality with trust and joy.

Joyful Creative Expansion
I create paintings, gardens, and new yet undreamed forms which express the upwelling of my soul. I live in a society that welcomes and embraces such creativity.

Honoring Life in All Its Myriad Forms
The arrogance of the human species evaporates into the recognition of the divine spark of life in all of creation. Unity of spirit sounds a note that reverberates through the universe.

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9 thoughts on “Five Future Possibilities

  1. Lexi Sundell

    I am pleased you liked this post. Your meme inspired me and this just came pouring out so rapidly. I look forward to seeing what others do with the meme!

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