Painting While the Weeds Grow

The weeds are growing like crazy in my gardens, but I painted a lot in the gallery today. My painting in progress is an experimental work featuring seashells, although I usually paint flowers. After painting so many flowers under such tight deadlines for the book, I was ready for something different.

So I am working with a looser, more textured look with vivid colors bursting out of the textures. I am finally having some fun with this one. The painting had been going slowly because I was not well for a few days.

At certain times it is not particularly pleasant to have a painting in progress visible to the public. Paintings can go through chaotic and quite ugly phases when you paint in multiple layers. This one has been a bit extreme in that regard. Fortunately it is pulling together now and I no longer cringe when someone walks in the gallery.

I had better get it done and clear those weeds out of the garden, or I will have to continue painting seashells by default. Or perhaps I should just start a weed series?



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