A Blank Canvas, Still Blank

It has been one of those days. I dreamed of yellow paint, rich red golds with some raw umber and raw sienna for good measure, luscious summery butterscotch paints bringing a sunflower to blazing life on a canvas.

I have the canvas ready. Pencil lines hint of the petal curves yet to come into being.

The phone rang early, someone in crisis. I did energy work by phone. Fortunately it did not take a long time, the day was yet young.

I went to the greenhouse on First Street to get a special cucumber plant. The lady was exhausted from doing far too much all spring, so another quick session of energy work, this time in person.

I returned home to pick up the canvas to go to the gallery and paint. I discovered my tomato plants were starting to droop before the hoop house was even hot. The tomatoes seem to want more water than normal as they are not yet well established in the ground.

So without delay I put the hose on them and deep watered the large end of the hoop house, moving the hose row by row. It is not a particularly efficient method, but it eventually got the job done.

My canvas waited motionless in the house.

Since I was home, I received the phone call asking if I still could do a wedding. When? Oh, anytime. Anytime became this evening.

This evening I had planned to mix up 30 gallons of microbe tea from the concentrate I was brewing in my aerator. As the concentrate was beginning to bubble over the sides, waiting until morning was not an option.

I walked away from my blank canvas and sprayed, poured, and otherwise distributed 30 gallons of microbe tea on, under, and around every plant in the hoop house.

Then I went in the house, cleaned up, and dressed to officiate at a wedding.

Tomorrow, I will see the golden yellows spring forth on the canvas. I will rise early and go to the gallery, keep the doors locked, and paint madly until opening time.



Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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3 thoughts on “A Blank Canvas, Still Blank

  1. Vera Nadine

    Tomorrow will be the perfect day for it!

    You have helped several people in one day and still have gotten much done to help your plants.

    Great work Lexi!


    Vera Nadine

  2. Lexi Sundell

    Thanks Vera, maybe you are right, I made a lot of progress on the painting today!


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