Why Is That Dog Stealing My Shellfish Fertilizer?

I ran out to the hoop house this morning to check on the little plant people because it was snowing, making the fully leafed caragana bushes droop. The two electric heaters were running but I had not put the propane double burner into action last night so I was concerned.

A big German shepherd was by the triangle garden and I scolded him into leaving. Then I saw my forty pound bag of shellfish fertilizer lying there with a hole torn in it. The bag had been dragged through the snow about 15 feet from where I had left it.

Evidently the dog thought it was quite a prize. I hauled the bag inside the hoop house to preserve it from further depredations, still wondering why the German shepherd wanted to steal it.

All the plants seemed fine, so I got away with leaving the double burner propane heater off. The hoop house is twenty feet by forty feet and quite drafty, so those two small electric heaters would not prevail against too sharp a temperature drop.

Apparently my lesson for today was not temperature drops, but to beware of German shepherds who covet my fertilizer. Figuring I better get it in the ground, I dug some of it into the row where I intend to plant cucumbers tomorrow.

They will grow up the fencing I nailed in place to prevent Cosmo, the puppy who thinks plants are for tug of war, from going in the big double doors to attack my tomato plants.

Maybe the fencing will protect my fertilizer too? And just where did that German shepherd think he was going with the bag anyway?



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