The Powerful Essence of a Wedding

Poppy Fire

In this day when $20,000 weddings are average in this country and obsessed parents spend as much as $50,000 on a child’s birthday party, the impromptu wedding at my home last week was utterly refreshing.

I have no personal objection to spending money on fine quality and fine value, but I treasure essence over form. The trend in this country is to emphasize glamorous form, in all of its egotistic glory, as the way to celebrate weddings.

Brides become bridezillas, families painfully endure the process, and over half the marriages do not even last, despite the expensive hoopla surrounding their beginnings. I sometimes think the big celebration should be held only when the couple proves their marriage can endure!

Lost in all this obsession with form is the essence of a couple marrying, their desire to take their love into a lifelong commitment, the union of their special energies to create a life together. Instead of sharing a great heart centered joy, everyone is harried by the myriad details of a huge performance with all its trappings.

So I was delighted when Alan and Vickie came to my home to be married in my living room the other evening. Alan had called in the afternoon to ask if I could officiate at their wedding and they wanted to proceed as soon as I could fit it in my schedule.

Bern and I hastily tidied up the house and he made a simple dinner for all of us while I wrote a ceremony for Alan and Vickie. They arrived just as I had concluded the initial draft. They reviewed it and we changed a few things to more fully express their intentions.

We ate dinner together and then Gia arrived to be a witness for the ceremony. Alan and Vickie were far away from both their families, particularly Vickie’s as she is from Peru, so we were the entire wedding party.

We went into the living room and with a backdrop of wildly blooming geraniums on the window sill and a huge red poppy painting on the wall, I married them.

As this couple is highly aware energetically and both do energy healing, they were delighted with the idea of holding the ceremony within a Crystalline Consciousness session, to deepen the support for their loving intentions for each other. Alan and Vickie exchanged simple silver rings made in Peru as they said their vows.

They both were glowing in such a great open heart space that even my friend, the marriage cynic Gia, had nothing skeptical to say afterwards as we ate our strawberry desert!



Note about Lexi Sundell’s painting: “Poppy Fire” is acrylic on canvas 76″ wide by 48″ high. Other original paintings and prints available at RiverStone Gallery.



Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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