Mastery Over the Four Levels of Intention

Many people struggle with intentions that do not manifest. In some cases it is a simple matter of not taking any needed actions to open the door for the intention to manifest.

For example, if someone has an intention of being well liked and popular, but goes around acting cranky and irritable, the intention does not have much likelihood of manifesting.

However, in other cases, the individual is taking actions to open the door for the intention but still remains frustrated with a lack of results.

In that situation it is useful to look at the four layers of intention that must harmonize for results to manifest. If these layers of intention do not align, the intention will be ineffective, like a camera out of focus.

Conscious Level of Intention

This is the direct conscious thought that forms the intention. As a simple example, let’s use “I want to manifest a new car.” This can be a perfectly valid intention based on the obvious fact the old car is not reliable anymore.

Shadow Level of Intention

The subconscious level of intention works with all those energies, both positive and negative, that the individual is suppressing in order to get along in the world. In this case, let us use the statement, “I reject the current financial system of society.”

Actually there may be multiple shadow intentions, so let us add a second one, “No one in my family ever gets ahead.”

Soul Level of Intention

This intention holds the purpose of the lifetime. For this example, let’s use, “I want to create the embodiment of divine grace in physical form.”

Looking at these three levels of intention some immediate problems for manifesting a car show themselves.

Shadow level indignantly asks, “You want to use money to go buy a car?”

Soul level asks, “Car? What does a car have to do with anything?”

Conscious level gets irritable, “Why can’t I just have a car, I need a car!”

Unified Natural Level of Intention

This level integrates the preceding three levels into a unifying statement that accommodates them all in a positive statement. A harmonious alignment between the levels is essential for manifesting.

When the conscious intention is not manifesting, the unified natural intention is likely to be completely missing or malformed.

Creating a Unified Natural Intention

If the shadow level rejects the current financial system, little will be gained in arguing with it. That merely forces it deeper into shadow energy.

However, sometimes a shadow intention can be a statement that points to a need for healing. For example, the shadow intention of “No one in my family ever gets ahead” is a statement ripe for deep healing.

A Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ session that uses an intention to clear, heal, and release inappropriate belief systems and replace them with new effective beliefs is highly useful in this case. Afterwards one can check to see if the problematic shadow intention has changed or disappeared.

Arguing with the soul is a wholly pointless exercise that many people persist in doing. All that does is prolong the frustration and intensify the lessons. The sooner one embraces the intention of the soul, the better.

At this point it is now time to find the wording of the unified natural intention that accommodates the conscious, shadow, and soul levels of intention.

Finding the Wording of the Unified Natural Intention

Experiment with different wordings until the first three levels of intention actually fit together without conflict. For this example, “I intend to manifest a new car in a way that transmutes my existing financial system into an expression of divine grace” might be just the ticket.

All three levels can nod in agreement to that statement. Alignment has been achieved.

To further accelerate manifestation, a CCT session can be used to fully activate this intention.

How Do I Recognize My Shadow and Soul Intentions?

For shadow intentions I suggest you sit down and quickly write an answer to your question to yourself, “What are my shadow intentions?” Just start writing without mental editing (No, that can’t be it, etc.) and without worrying about correct spelling and punctuation. Just write a stream of consciousness list as quickly as you can.

When you feel like stopping, do so. If you are skilled with muscle testing, go through the list testing which ones apply. If you are not able to muscle test, try to feel which ones stir up the strongest feelings in you and use those.

Soul intention can be more elusive to pin down because it may not come into conscious awareness for quite some time even after choosing to commit to your own soul path.

If you have not committed to your soul path, gaining clarity about your soul intention will be doubly difficult. The rejection of the soul path caused by not committing to it will combine rejected shadow energy with soul intention, making it even less recognizable to the conscious level.

If you choose to make a commitment to your soul path without yet having any clear wording of that soul intention, you can try using a generic wording such as “in alignment with my soul path” until you reach greater conscious clarity about it.

If You Are Having Trouble Doing This

If you experience difficulty in recognizing the shadow and soul intentions or in formulating an effective unified natural intention, I might be able to help you.

I firmly believe each individual is empowered on their own path so I am not interested in substituting my efforts for the ones that are rightfully yours. However, I can assist you in learning to work with your own intentions so you can readily identify and apply them effectively yourself.

I also highly recommend using Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ to jet propel your intentions when you have reached clarity about them. By working with me, I can do the CCT on your behalf if you are not trained in that modality.

If this sounds helpful, you can schedule a telephone appointment, just email me for details.

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8 thoughts on “Mastery Over the Four Levels of Intention

  1. Michelle Vandepas

    ‘stumbled upon’ you. Nice article….. Intention must be followed up with intentional action as well. Shopping for cars, saving some cash, looking at photos of cars…..all of that will help align the energy toward the new car.

  2. Lexi Sundell

    I quite agree with you. This post was specifically directed at the situation where action was being taken and still not getting results, so I did not spell out further action at the end. Your point is well taken.

    Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you again!

  3. Susanno

    Great Write about intention… You give the information and give the solutions with the “How to”. Very, very fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

    Best Wishes

  4. Melanie

    Lexi, this is truly insightful and well-written. I came to it from gia’s site to better understand intentions and all that goes into making them, and what can detract from making clear, heartfelt, soul-directed, gut-level intentions (heart-mind aligned) that manifest so that we recognize them. Kind of feels like doing scientific research (which I love!). Thanks for being a great teacher! Blessings–Melanie.

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