Carnival of Creative Growth #9

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #9. This is the first one since we went to the three week interval on the carnival. There were many submissions, and frankly, I often felt I was drowning in a sea of mediocrity as I read them all. I eliminated a large number of rambling, poorly written or otherwise inappropriate articles and present the following for your enjoyment.

I do challenge all of you who submit to the next carnival to think of the Carnival of Creative Growth as a gallery showcasing the finest writing discussing aspects of creative growth. I promise to be even more selective next time as I sort through the submissions!

My own submission for this carnival is the article, High Vibrational Dreams and Manifestation, which looks at how disappointingly low vibrational dreams can be altered to create high vibrational dreams which manifest as desired.

Gia Combs-Ramirez presents The Field of Intent posted at Science of Energy Healing. This article describes how to work with the consciousness of the field of intent to manifest effectively and provides an excellent exercise for practicing the skill.

Debra Moorhead presents Living “Inspired” versus “Planned” posted at Debra This article gives a clear explanation of the interrelationship between planned and intuitive behavior.

Ruth Mitchell presents In the “Blink” of an Eye posted at Buy Outside the Box, saying, “This is a great read for creative thinkers.”

Mitesh presents An Unordinary Way to Brainstorm Ideas. posted at Invent Creativity. He provides an alternative approach to successful brainstorming.

SpiKe presents Get Creative Part 1: The Tools posted at Organize IT. If you want to spark your own creativity, this series gives you some ways to proceed.

Brandon Peele presents Psychology vs. Philosophy posted at GT. This article contrasts the conventional approach of psychology with the processes of personal evolution.

Daniel Brenton presents “Yes, Talking Fish” posted at The Meaning of Existence, saying, “The act of putting myself through a public speaking contest forced me to grow in ways I had not expected, and truly left me a changed man.”

Damien presents Teaching, Inspiration, and Rock ‘n Roll | Riley Central posted at First Edition: Doing What They Love. This article speaks of inspiration as the cornerstone of effective living.

Edith Yeung presents How to Say Goodbye to Someday Isle posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act. This is a short primer in how to eliminate procrastination in life.

FitBuff presents’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Tips to Empty Your Inbox and Keep It That Way posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “An empty email inbox provides an almost zen-like state of calmness… You will be surprised at just how effective this simple technique can be at reducing stress and clearing your mind for more important tasks.”

Albert Foong presents The most dangerous mistake in tapping into your intuition posted at Urban Monk, saying, “Intuition will guide you to some awesome choices in your life as it has in mine”

Randy Yniguez presents Make Amends and Live With Intention posted at Randy Yniguez. A childhood experience sheds light on how to correct mistakes and move forward.

Karen Lynch presents The Aquarius Myth posted at LivethePower. This article describes releasing inaccurate myths in life.

Katie presents Make Your Own Wedding Invitations posted at – Wedding Planning Ideas and Information, saying, “Hey! We made a pretty creative video that I think some of your readers will really enjoy. Thanks!”

Alvaro Fernandez presents On Bill Gates Harvard commencement speech (and his Frontal Lobes) posted at SharpBrains, saying, “Great ideas to expand our minds”

Craig Harper presents You’re Not the Boss of Me. posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “What happens in my life affects me… but doesn’t define me. My choices will define me… because that’s what I’ve decided.”

Gustav S presents 9 Reasons to believe in the Law of Attraction. posted at The title is fully self explanatory here.

Steve Bentham presents Get motivated by overcoming fear of change posted at inspiration, motivation, goal achievement, success, personal development, saying, “Change is not to be feared because it’s normal… and you already know it”

Chris614 presents I Should Be Happy All The Time posted at The Philosophy of This article encourages people to accept their own varied emotions.

Ruby presents How to Lose Weight: An Overview posted at Advice and Rants, which gives a basic outline of weight loss necessities.

JoLynn Braley presents Release Self-Doubt and Gain Motivation – Part Two posted at The Fit Shack, saying, “Self-doubt can cripple not only your motivation, but also your creativity. This article pertains to weight loss motivation, however you can apply the principles to releasing self-doubt in any area of your life.”

That concludes this edition. All of you authors, please remember to add your links to this carnival. You are invited to submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Creative Growth using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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7 thoughts on “Carnival of Creative Growth #9

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  3. Daniel Brenton

    Lexi —

    Thank you for including me (and my talking fish) in your Carnival of Creative Growth.

    I just noticed I need to edit that article. A couple of weeks after I posted it, a video of the speech I wrote about in the article became available to me, and I posted it on the site.

    If you’re interested in seeing the final winning performance, it’s at:

    Thanks again.


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  5. Randy

    Thanks for including us in your carnival. We appreciate the exposure, and look forward to reading the great articles from the bloggers in this carnival, and from your site.

    -Randy Yniguez

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