Jewelry Energized for Healing Grief

Reasons for Buying Custom Jewelry

People purchase jewelry for a myriad of reasons. Many of the custom jewelry requests I received over the years were simply expressions of ego, the most blatant example being the Omigod Ring.

Sometimes people buy jewelry as expressions of love. Perhaps jewelry is bought to alleviate guilt. Lust can also be quite the motivation for a jewelry purchase.

A sheer love of gemstones and precious metal design can inspire the buyer. In most cases though, a blend of reasons generates the desire for jewelry.

However, the most moving custom jewelry pieces I have made were for people trying to heal their grief. From time to time individuals come to me to have a special ring or pendant made to replace the wedding ring from a deceased spouse.

Jewelry for the Grieving

These are delicately sensitive projects which touch my heart. Usually the person has worked through some of their grief and is ready to attempt moving into a new cycle after the loss of their partner.

We talk about the design of the piece, incorporating whatever symbols or stones are important to the individual. I am good at listening to someone, asking questions, and working with them until I know what will please them, even if they still do not know.

Some of these creations are quite unusual, such as the skull and crossbones ring I made for a man whose wife had died a year earlier. After thirty years I have encountered about everything possible in jewelry, but that one even startled me.

He was a Harley biker, which explained a lot. He also saw the beauty in the planes and forms of skull bones, which I also happen to appreciate from a sculptural standpoint. When completed the ring was quite handsome in its sculptured form.

Energy Healing in Jewelry

Jewelry can readily be energized by the intentions of the person creating it. After learning Reiki this also began to happen spontaneously. After all, I create jewelry with my hands and the hands naturally radiate Reiki, a form of life force energy which is quite clean.

So this was not really too surprising a development. I began to work with it more consciously as I watched it happening when I was at the bench.

A lovely woman who had lost her husband was quite responsive to this idea and even would visit the gallery from time to time to have me do more Reiki on her ring. Most jewelers offer free cleaning to their clients, but I don’t know any others who offer free Reiki for the jewelry!

Dragonflies and Healing Through Jewelry

Today I spoke with a mother who lost her grown son in an unexpected accident. Her pain is immense and for her the symbol of the dragonfly brings hope. She wants to have a ring made with a dragonfly she can wear for the rest of her life.

We have not discussed energy healing and it may never come up in our conversations. But I know when people come to me for such work, they are really looking for a healing in the form of jewelry. On some level they are drawn to me because they know I will energize that healing in their special jewelry project.

I was so touched by this woman’s heartfelt story I know the energy will be strong in this dragonfly ring when I create it. This energy will not be my personal energy, but a greater energy that comes from divine source which I invite to move through me into the ring.

The ring cannot remove the immensity of her loss, but I am honored to be of service in bringing healing energy into her special ring. This dragonfly will express the beauty and strength of the heart, which is both nothing and everything when measured against the loss of a son.

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10 thoughts on “Jewelry Energized for Healing Grief

  1. Barb

    Well, now you know another jewelry who offers free Reiki with their jewelry!

    I mostly hold the intention that the jewelry help the wearer raise their vibrations. But I’m working on a line of jewelry which, during the creation of, I hold the intention of increasing the wearer’s awareness of the abundance of the Universe. 😀

    Off to look through your gallery! 🙂

  2. Lexi Sundell


    Nice to hear from you! I am not surprised others might be doing so, but I personally had never encountered any.

    Keep in touch…

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  4. Darlene Siddons

    what a great article….i make hand woven beaded amulets that hold special mementous in them…and i weave and bead when i am in a meditave state so they carry wonderful energy…i am also a energy healer so that energy goes into them also…i wear mine all the time and can really feel the difference….thanks for saying what i have felt…blessings, darlene

  5. Lexi Sundell

    Thanks for sharing your manner of working with these healing energies. I think the more we become aware of such things the more effective we can be working with it.

  6. Diane

    Lexi you radiate healing,

    My path is healing also.
    I retired as a hospice, home care and elder care nurse after my husband died. I needed to heal a broken heart and I wish I had found you then. But I did not, and finding a “widows ring”, proved that it did not exist….. So I had to make my own design.
    Hematite heals and promotes sleep, but it will shatter after it has absorbed as much grief as it can hold.
    I believe that new widows should add a 3rd ring- not give up the story their rings tell.
    I just designed a grief ring, it is called the “Broken Heart” and is made of black tears. It was inspired by a dream.
    Let me know what you think, as one artist to another,
    my website is
    Growing and Healing,

  7. Diana Douglas

    I was googling for examples of healing jewelry and I wanted to share a site and jewelry designer that I’ve purchased gifts from before. Her whole line of jewelry is made so that the giver can tell a story about the bond between the two people that both wear the piece of jewelry.

    The designer is Benee Rubin and she has a site here at You can submit and read stories from mothers, wives of army men and others about why they selected that piece of jewelry and why it connected with them.

    What is great about Benee’s jewelry is that they are made to be worn by two people. The two pieces interlock and can be worn individually or in two pieces. Me and my sister have a Cross necklace split into two different necklaces that we bought just before she moved to Africa for a year. I really love Benee’s work and its elegance!

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