High Vibrational Dreams and Manifestation

Spun Gold

Manifestion That is Easy Or is Frustrating

I have been observing the difference between those areas where I manifest easily and quickly, such as creating works of art, and those areas where I experience frustration and delay, such as matching cash flow to the timing of my business.

The primary difference is in the vibrational level of the dreams I am manifesting. For me, artwork calls forth my highest vibrational resonance with my soul path. This manifests readily for me.

Any areas where I feel obligated, that I “should” be doing something in particular, the vibrational level heads for the floorboards. Low vibrational dreams that are not resonating with my soul path simply do not manifest in a satisfying way.

Converting Low Vibrational Dreams to High Vibrational Dreams

The solution I am exploring is to reformat low vibrational dreams into high vibrational dreams. This requires detached self observation.

I look at the dream and if it is of a low vibration, if I feel my energy sinking as I look at it, I need to restructure the dream so that it carries the vibration of the creative expansion of my soul. If any dream does not involve creative expansion, the vibration will be low and the results disappointing.

This quickly eliminates any dreams which involve just getting by, merely solving a mundane problem of the moment without any greater creative purpose. The context has to be expanded to encompass my passion and enthusiasm for expressing my soul purpose, or the efforts to manifest will be frustrating.

Adjusting Internal Energetic Alignment

Restructuring my internal energetic alignment is part of this process. As I formulate a high vibrational dream to replace a low vibrational dream, I also observe how it affects my body. Any areas of physical tension or pain indicate blockages which need to be cleared to allow the new dream to manifest cleanly.

Using Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

As always, I am working within a CCT session so it is an efficient process to use the intention of clearing, healing, and releasing any blockages I am observing.

It will be interesting to see how these new higher vibrational dreams manifest, as I have been working with this process only a few days. This is one of the results of using the Crystalline Heart Activation as I am able to see what I am doing with much greater clarity.

Request for Comments and Information

I would be delighted to hear what experiences you readers have had with high and low vibrational dreams and their results in your lives.

The painting shown is Spun Gold, 48″ wide by 36″ high, in acrylics on canvas by Lexi Sundell and is available at the Lawrence Gallery in Portland.

The Personal Growth Carnival included this article in a varied collection of articles which are worth perusing.



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