Suggestions for Developing Intuition

I was asked by another artist if I had any suggestions for developing intuition. This made me stop and think about the process itself and I distilled my thoughts into the following steps.

  • Become aware of small inner promptings. When we are not in the habit of hearing our own intuition, the signals are muted and easy to continue ignoring. Learn to notice the passing thoughts that may contain nuggets of intuition. For example, a thought to pop into a bookstore while trying to go to the grocery store may lead to finding a particular book that holds the perfect piece of information needed at that time.
  • Practice using these small promptings and observe what results they bring. This will refine the ability to discern useful promptings from random urges based on emotional needs or other factors that are not intuitive. This observation will lead to greater self awareness and recognition of intuitive promptings.
  • Learn to quickly differentiate between internal emotional pressure and genuine intuition. As one becomes more self aware, the relaxed ease of intuition becomes clearly distinguished from the inner tension of an emotional need. Emotional tangles can readily lead one into false paths, so the discernment in this area is essential.
  • Recognize multiple synchronous events. Little synchronicities often are intuition trying to get your attention. To continue with the book example, if you hear about the same obscure book from three different people in two days, it might be worth reading the book. Other messages also may come in this manner, so be aware of repeated signals from different sources.
  • Use muscle testing or some other form of kinesthiology to quickly get to the inner wisdom of the energetic body. For example, I have found if I muscle test when to go fly fishing with my husband, I have wonderful fishing days when I follow the signals. I have missed some severe weather problems by not going when getting the signal to skip it. If I go instead by what I want (I just want to fish TODAY) or when the calendar says it is convenient, the results are quite random and sometimes wholly unsatisfactory.

In all these suggestions, the key is to observe the results and refine the ability to discern when genuine intuition is bringing information. I would appreciate any comments you have after reading this, particularly if have further suggestions for this artist who wants to develop her intuition.

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4 thoughts on “Suggestions for Developing Intuition

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  3. Amit

    Hi Lexi,

    Some great tips there. It’s funny, I’ve been trying this a lot recently.

    What I’ve been listening for is the subtle messages. They don’t always mean anything but I try and get into the habit of trusting my intuition.

    I remember once, I had an awful dream, it was about a friend and something terrible happened because she had not been taking her medication. I had no idea what the outcome would be but I just sent her a message to make sure she was looking after her health. She replied saying she was fine and all was well.

    I’ve had several dreams regarding various friends, not all so extreme, it’s just when they come to mind, or I dream about them, I just get in touch with them to make sure they’re OK!

    It’s not just dreams though, even if randomly someone pops into my head, I just get in touch! 🙂

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