Creative Growth Through Computer Mayhem

I have been missing in action on my blog for quite awhile due to a massive computer meltdown. This has been an excursion into an electronic hell, but dawn may soon be coming…

The trouble started in the spring when I got a trojan despite my firewall and other protections. The nasties just keep evolving and my defenses had not.

After removing the trojan and installing additional software defenses, the operating system still did not work well. The operating system had sustained damage. I decided the last thing I wanted was to reinstall all my software at the beginning of my busiest season in our business.

Instead I limped through summer with an erratically functioning computer, which was maddening enough. I developed an intense dislike for all my new anti virus, anti spyware, anti everything programs. They occupy a lot of time and resources while interfering with simple procedures I actually want to do on my computer.

Finally, Labor Day weekend was over and I reviewed all my backups and proceeded to reinstall Windows XP, easier said than done. I had never done that before but did not want to pay for a reinstall since I suspected I might also have hardware problems. This tower was old enough I did not want to sink a lot of money into repairing it.

After the reinstall I discovered I did indeed have hardware issues. I am sparing you the gruesome details, but let’s just say I even progressed past the point of wanting to swear at the equipment. I did not know things could get that bad!

So I have now learned more than I ever wanted to know about computer operating systems and still have a crippled computer. Sometimes the universe just gives me a big swat to wake up.

As I looked at my situation I realized all my usual behaviors needed to be left behind. I backup all my data like a woman possessed. But I do so in a fear based manner like the world will immediately crash upon me. With computers, that is an easy mindset to achieve, but still not a good one. Of course backup multiple copies, but I would be better off to do so peacefully.

Since I am having my second Saturn return and other intense aspects at this time, one of the byproducts is the annihilation of my computer system. Only the foolish try to cling to what clearly does not work under those aspects.

Initially I was going to get another custom built tower, but changed my mind. I hate the increasing awkwardness of the security measures I must take with Windows. I like Windows XP just fine but detest the idea of eventually being forced into Vista or whatever bloated monster follows Vista.

Since I have to spend some money, it is a good time to reassess my directions. I am switching to a Mac. I mostly do graphics work on my computer and Macs are great for that. They do not currently have the security problems of Windows machines either. Some software I treasure is not available on Macs but I have my little laptop for those programs.

So I will be learning another operating system altogether, but I really just want to get back to using my computer for my purposes instead of conducting a defensive war with it. Somewhere in all this process I have found my learning processes accelerating rapidly so I am absorbing new information more effectively.

This is a hard way to make changes, but I think it will provide many unseen benefits as this project unfolds. I am excited to be moving out of the old ways and into the new unknown. More challenges await, but also new opportunities!

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2 thoughts on “Creative Growth Through Computer Mayhem

  1. Lexi Sundell

    As a kid in Michigan I never cared for the Ford vs Chevy wars, and I have never been concerned with platform wars either. They are all just tools, get the one that serves your purpose. At this point the Mac overall looks like the better tool for me and I sure hope it works out that way!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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