Road Reiki For Travelers

I used to drive 30,000 to 40,000 miles a year by myself doing as many as 22 high end juried art and craft shows scattered across the country. That is a lot of miles spent on the road. After awhile I started thinking in terms of “Go to Wyoming and turn left.”

Christine Kane’s post, The Business Traveler’s Guide to Unwavering Happiness, brought it all back. She has a grueling travel schedule of her own and some great advice about coping with it. I can add one more item to the list she provided, which is using Reiki energy healing.

Road Reiki

I did a lot of Road Reiki, my term for doing self or long distance Reiki while driving those long highways. I started doing it deliberately after noticing my non-steering wheel hand getting hot where it rested on my sore knee. After a few hours on the highway the knee felt much better.

If you don’t know about Reiki, it is a non-invasive form of energy work that allows energy to pass through the practitioner into the recipient and then does whatever is most needed. My hands usually get hot when this is happening.

The self Reiki worked extremely well so I used it extensively on the road. It did not put me into an altered state or cause any distraction from my driving. Instead I felt the relaxing and revitalizing effect characteristic of Reiki, which was most welcome.

Distance Reiki

I have always preferred long distance Reiki work to hands on Reiki. I took a wildly experimental approach distance Reiki with my friend Gia Combs-Ramirez. When this carried over into my driving, she was skeptical. She was not convinced driving was a good time to enter an altered state, which tended to happen with our experiments.

In the eastern states and some of the Midwest, I tended to agree with her due to the densely congested traffic. But all those miles of easy driving western highways were pretty tempting. I used the energy work to maintain my safe driving alertness and then tried out other processes to see what would happen.

Sometimes I did distance work on myself so I could use both hands on the steering wheel. I recall one trip in which I drove completely across Iowa playing a cd that only had Bolero on it, as many times as I could record it. With that music cycling over and over I did a massive session on my self for a deep healing.

Traveling alone sometimes has its benefits; I don’t know anyone else who would have tolerated that much Bolero.

Experimental Road Reiki

Then Gia came up with the idea of using the distance Reiki symbol to make a time/space chamber and we started playing with it. By placing oneself in the chamber, the energy work became greatly magnified.

Almost immediately I had to leave on another of my trips. After leaving Billings, Montana I headed south to Wyoming and put myself in the new time/space chamber. I started an interesting earth healing process and was having a great time.

Surprisingly soon I found myself approaching Sheridan, Wyoming. I stopped but did not see any place I wanted to eat so I decided to have lunch in Buffalo an hour down the road.

As soon as I had the van back on the highway I resumed my energy work in the time/space chamber. Partly due to the sheer length of time the session had continued, it became increasingly powerful.

Adjusting to Higher Level Energy Work

Energy work is similar to physical exercise in that the physical body has to adjust to the higher levels as they occur. I was not sufficiently acclimated to working at that level, which became readily apparent when I suddenly snapped out of the session into normal awareness.

I saw I was doing 85 mph in a state that gives nasty speeding tickets. My gas gauge was on Empty. Buffalo was nowhere to be seen and I was ravenously hungry.

I slowed down to the speed limit, switched to my other gas tank which happily still had some gas in it, and started trying to figure out where I could have lunch. I was dismayed to discover I was over 40 miles past Buffalo and it was going to be about 90 more miles before lunch that day.

Other than having a really late lunch, no harm was done, but I could see it would be prudent to make some adjustments to the way I worked with the time/space chamber. I had a chat with my guides about it and the next time I used one I retained a proper awareness of things like gas gauges.

Road Reiki for Travelers

Road Reiki may not be for everyone, particularly the more experimental versions. The milder forms such as self Reiki, however, will work well for anyone and can readily be used on airplanes and buses as well as while directly driving.

Speaking just for myself, all that Road Reiki made thousands of miles of driving far more productive and fulfilling in my personal and spiritual growth.

Note: This post is now featured on the 81st Carnival of Healing. The carnival features some really interesting articles.



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11 thoughts on “Road Reiki For Travelers

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  2. Alec

    I was really interested in your experience of using Reiki while driving. As a Reiki practioner, this is something I will have to try. I’m not sure what you mean by the time/space chamber and entering the chamber. Would like to know more about that.

  3. Lexi Sundell

    The time/space chamber was made by placing a distance symbol in each of the four directions around myself with the intention of them forming a time/space chamber.

    I still use Reiki a lot but have not used a time/space chamber in so long I had to stop and think how to make one. It did increase the effectiveness of the Reiki work by readily accessing whatever times and places were relevant to the healing.

    These days I use a more efficient method, Crystalline Consciousness Technique. You can find the link in my blogroll if you are curious. That is where I am busily experimenting and developing these days.

    I would be most interested to hear how the time/space chamber works for you when you try it out. I find that each person brings their own gifts to the energy processes and the surprises in that can be quite delightful.

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  8. Astrid Lee

    wow. I also love distant healing. It is so efficient and so effective, so I’m not surprised you are using it when driving.

    Your chamber experiment is intriging, and I want to think more about that. Perhaps I’ll try that.

    It was interesting that you did world healing in your special chamber. So, I want to invite you to join We Are One World Healing — a worldwide healing group of say 160 practitioners (today). Free to join, no strings attached. Participants collectively send distant healing/unconditional love to humanity, nature, earth, jointly, 1 hr p mth, as one synergistic beam. Pretty powerful initiative, blissful to participate.

    Let me know what you think.
    Namaste, A

  9. analee


    Great article. Could you please post a link with where we can learn to make a time/space chamber?

    Thank you!

  10. Raymon

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