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Carnival of Creative Growth #29

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #29. Drumroll please! This 29th edition is my last hosting of this carnival for awhile! Gia Combs-Ramirez will host the Carnival of Creative Growth for the rest of the summer at her blog, The Science of Energy Healing. I look forward to seeing what she does with it, as she is free to rearrange it as she sees fit.

So please select your finest writing and submit for the next edition! In the meantime, please enjoy this selection of work on a variety of topics.

Creative Projects

Gia Combs-Ramirez (the new host for upcoming editions) presents Ten Days with a Guru. This article begins a series on the challenging process of including a guru and fire ceremonies in an altogether different group training.

Lexi Sundell (current host about to take a breather) presents Purple Iris and Paintings. She discusses growing the iris as inspiration for paintings, showing an image of the blooms.

dpendzich presents Character Animation Basics – Simple Animation Concepts saying, “Read my article and learn about character animation.”

Creative Personal Growth

Amanda Moore presents 106 Organizations That Are Changing the World – Are you helping?. The title is self explanatory.

David B. Bohl presents 5 Signs You?re a Pleaser and What to Do About It saying, “Wanting to be a well-liked becomes a problem when we put so much emphasis on how others view us, that we lose sight of our own identities and what’s really in our best interest.”

Scott.Goolsby presents Why Journaling Rocks my Socks saying, “Benefits of journaling.”

Mitesh presents A child in You!!. Short and to the point.

Gary Evans presents Case Study of a Manifestation That Won’t Work. He dissects a failed process.

Creative Thinking

David Godot presents Boost Your Creativity For Good With This Long-Term Strategy saying, “This article describes a long-term strategy for boosting creativity and developing a habit for creative thinking.” This article makes some good points but overlooks the fact that alcohol only causes people think they are coming up with brilliant new ideas instead of actually helping them do so.

Many thanks to the writers who submitted to this edition. Please link back to this page to help promote readership for everyone. Stumbling, Digging, etc. are most welcome as well.

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