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Seven Strange But True Things You Might Not Suspect

Maria over at Never The Same River Twice tagged me for this meme, Seven Strange But True Things About Me. You should go check out her toe writing. We all need to ask for more details.

Otherwise this meme seems pretty self explanatory so here goes.

  1. I often have hiked in the dark without a flashlight across the desert with cacti, rattlesnakes, and no trail.
  2. I waded through snowdrifts two days ago carrying mulch into the hoop house, which at least is consistent with the time I shoveled snow off the flowerbeds to plant bulbs.
  3. I kept a ladder on the front porch so I could quickly climb on the roof to photograph cloud formations I liked.
  4. If I feel like painting flowers at 2 a.m., I do.
  5. I used to frequently be within three feet of a wild whip-por-will when it sang, a luminous experience indeed.
  6. I am skilled at burning cars. Ask me about it.
  7. I married another artist so I feel completely normal at home. He, bless his heart, really could not think of anything strange about me.

Well, if you read the comments you can see I have been busted by someone who knows me well, Gia had to go and spill the beans! I feel obliged to add an 8th strange thing, but will confess it was something I had really gotten used to having in the house.

  • 8. I built an upside down staircase in the ceiling of the stairwell to the basement to surprise my husband when he was away on a trip. Looking up you see the stairs and a small landing with an upside down table that has an upside down lamp bolted to it, as well as an upside down painting on the wall. I think it looks great! My husband was totally surprised, I might add.

In the great spirit of this meme I tag the following people.

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