Seven Strange But True Things You Might Not Suspect

Maria over at Never The Same River Twice tagged me for this meme, Seven Strange But True Things About Me. You should go check out her toe writing. We all need to ask for more details.

Otherwise this meme seems pretty self explanatory so here goes.

  1. I often have hiked in the dark without a flashlight across the desert with cacti, rattlesnakes, and no trail.
  2. I waded through snowdrifts two days ago carrying mulch into the hoop house, which at least is consistent with the time I shoveled snow off the flowerbeds to plant bulbs.
  3. I kept a ladder on the front porch so I could quickly climb on the roof to photograph cloud formations I liked.
  4. If I feel like painting flowers at 2 a.m., I do.
  5. I used to frequently be within three feet of a wild whip-por-will when it sang, a luminous experience indeed.
  6. I am skilled at burning cars. Ask me about it.
  7. I married another artist so I feel completely normal at home. He, bless his heart, really could not think of anything strange about me.

Well, if you read the comments you can see I have been busted by someone who knows me well, Gia had to go and spill the beans! I feel obliged to add an 8th strange thing, but will confess it was something I had really gotten used to having in the house.

  • 8. I built an upside down staircase in the ceiling of the stairwell to the basement to surprise my husband when he was away on a trip. Looking up you see the stairs and a small landing with an upside down table that has an upside down lamp bolted to it, as well as an upside down painting on the wall. I think it looks great! My husband was totally surprised, I might add.

In the great spirit of this meme I tag the following people.

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6 thoughts on “Seven Strange But True Things You Might Not Suspect

  1. CG Walters

    Thank you, Lexi, for sharing.
    Strange? They all seem like perfectly good ideas to me–although I am not much on rattlesnake visits.
    Good for your husband!
    Blessings to you both,

  2. Never the Same River Twice

    Great list, Lexi. I have nothing but respect for a woman who isn’t afraid of rattlesnakes!

    For those who are interested, I did add a little more detail about my very flexible toes in the comment section of my post :O

  3. gia combs-ramirez

    Thanks for the tag. I’m thinking there’s stranger things you could have mentioned. Do you still have the wrench in the washing machine to make it go? The upside down stairs? The jacuzzi in the basement? The cat the size of a small elephant? And how about tagging a woman with no blog? Okay, I’m off to figure out my own strange anomolies. (Then you can leave me your pay-back comment!)

  4. Lexi Sundell

    CG, you are our kind of people, I can tell!

    Maria, I never said I was not afraid of rattlesnakes, I am not stupid, really! I just use a different approach to dealing with them.

    Gia, Ummm, well, no wrench in the washing machine, but all the rest are still here.

    I will say that the big kitty, Bridger, is not fat. He is half Maine Coon and half Himalayan Persian and has great long hair, tufted ears and feet, with huge yellow eyes. He is just plain big!

  5. Patricia (without a blog)

    Dear Lexi,

    This is the first time anyone tags me! Thank you for the new experience.

    Here I submit 7 of my strange but true facts:

    · I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, get up, get very productive for a couple of hours, do a million things, and go back to sleep later, happy with my accomplishments.

    · I enjoy, really enjoy, reading dictionaries. And looking up every single word I’m not 100% sure of its meaning… in any language.

    · While in Germany for working reasons, in 1990, I had to travel by truck from Frankfurt to Hamburg –4 hours. I didn’t know a word of German. But I spoke with the driver all the way looking up the main words. As we were in Autumn, I looked up and said: “tree, red, beautiful” and he answered “Oh, yes…. bla, bla, bla”. Of course, I took up German at my return.

    · I fold my tongue in a way that apparently only 1 person in 3,000 do. I fold the tip and take the tongue out with the tip folded as a paper. Quite disgusting to see, in fact.

    · When I was 20 years old, I used to work in a forwarding agent. My sense of responsibility made me go to the seaport while containers were being loaded, to check how seaport men did the job and gave them instructions when I thought were necessary. A 20-year-old girl giving instructions to seaport workers… I wouldn’t do that now for a million dollars. Well… maybe I’m exaggerating but at least, I’d think about it twice.

    · I once wanted to try the experience of paying for sex. The man didn’t accept charging me and sent me roses the following day! A real shame & I still can’t tell my grandchildren I paid for sex once.

    · When I was interviewed for a job in 2005, at a very elegant office, and was asked why I became a secretary, I answered the truth: because I wanted to be a drummer. As a consequence of getting home super late at the age of 15, my mother enrolled me in a secretarial course. And I got the job! because the interviewer and potential boss was a drummer himself!

    I think you expect me to tag 5 people now… but give me some time to do that.

  6. Lexi Sundell

    Wow Patricia! Those are indeed strange and amazing things! I find it hard to pick a favorite, they are all great.

    I share your nocturnal proclivities and also have read some dictionaries. But then we diverge…

    Thanks, I look forward to your tags!

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