Carnival of Creative Growth #23

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #23. You will find something a little different in the carnival this time. In addition to the selected articles from the submissions, I added one I particularly like that was not submitted.

Desika presents A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Earth Changes. This article speaks a powerful truth that is not often acknowledged and I wanted to share it with you.

Creative Business Growth

Lexi Sundell presents The Internet as Playground for Creative Evolution of Consciousness with an examination of how the internet reflects and accelerates human consciousness.

Creative Personal Growth

gia combs-ramirez presents Your Life’s Purpose, saying, “There are two levels of living your life purpose: soul task and soul purpose. Life is very different from these two perspectives. Life is REALLY different if you are moving from Soul Task to Soul Purpose.”

Rich Vosler presents Pruning makes growth for new life. A non-gardener discovers an important life lesson in plants.

Carole Fogarty presents The Emotional Cost of Clutter:, saying, “We all have an emotional attachment to our stuff. Sometimes healthy and sometimes very unhealthy. The trick is to take an honest look at everything that you own and decide the emotional cost it is having on the flow of your life.”

David B. Bohl presents 5 Tips for Becoming a Better Listener, saying, “Ever had anyone tell you that you hear, but don’t listen? Most of us have had experiences where we’ve heard someone talking to us, but didn’t get what they were saying. Or have you had to ask someone to repeat something they just told you ten minutes ago?”

Byteful Project presents Dealing with Roadblocks to Creativity, saying, “How should an artist respond to creative roadblocks? What do they do when life gets in the way?”

Gary Evans presents Why Won’t The Law of Attraction Work For Me?. He offers some great insight on making effectively using the Law of Attraction.

Alex Blackwell presents Four Rocks to Grasp in Life. A beautiful and inspiring article.

StarLightWalker presents Obstacles, saying, “A lesson in dealing with obstacles as sign posts rather than road blocks.” Another good roadblock article.

Christine presents The French School System and Sex Education. She gives an extremely frank explanation of the French approach to teens and sex.

Warren Wong presents How To Solve ProblemsBy Changing Your Frame Or Perspective, “How seemingly unsolvable problems can be solved by changing your frame or perspective.”

Tina Su presents The 5 Myths of Positive Mental Attitude. An excellent overview of misconceptions about positive thinking and what it can, and cannot, do.

Sabrina Jefferson presents Building Confidence By Doing. A small effort you fear can boost confidence when completed.

Edith presents Are You Compromising Yourself? A call to reappraise how you handle the little things that lead to big changes.

Creative Projects

A.Lee presents Learn how to Draw 101, saying, “Wanna get good at art? Just do it, a lot. All tricks of the trade reveal themselves in the process. This articles if for self-acclaimed ‘I can’t do art’ and ‘I am not creative’-types.”

Nathan Deschamps presents Nathan Deschamps Playing Footbag (hacky sack tricks). Egads! I was never any good at hacky sack, and look what he can do!

Robert Phillips presents Where Have All the Good .coms Gone? and shows how to creatively adjust your thinking to find a domain name you can use.

Creative Thinking

Dean Lacono presents Cooking with Thought Energy, saying, “I’ve always thought about what I want from the meals I was preparing. Whether it was to make people happy, cure the sick or romance and seduction, thought energy was one ingredient I put in everything I prepared.”

Ivan presents 7 Steps to Create Your Own Thinking-Room. An interesting project that will bring benefits, but I hope he goes beyond thinking at some point, we are far too mentally driven already!

CG Walters presents Who is your greatest ethical or moral role model?, saying, “My greatest ethical or moral role models live their lives as their religion/doctrine/philosophy but based on their thoughts and actions you would never imagine they spend time on such impractical extravagances.”

Tali presents All Aboard the ClueTrain – The Internet Marketing Bible, saying, “The ClueTrain has been on track since 1999, and what used to be its prophesy is now full on reality.”

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  1. CG Walters

    Many blessings, Lexi, for the work you do in bringing this carnival together. I have bookmarked it with several services.
    Peace and wonder,

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