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Commitment to Soul Purpose

In my Earth Day post, I spoke of a life-altering surrender to the soul and its purpose in life. I was referring to a total commitment to the positive path and walking it daily in our physical lives.

One of the biggest struggles you can encounter is the process of reaching this decision to surrender to a higher purpose, to your own soul purpose. This is not an easy matter for anyone.

In the course of human evolution we develop ourselves, usually gradually. After developing a solid and effective ego to handle the necessities of living a physical life, the soul is delighted. Now it is time to do what we came here to do in the first place.

The ego, however, is perfectly content to continue without handing over the steering wheel. The ego really thinks it is in charge and this illusion starts the battle of all battles. The inner battle may appear to be external struggles with other people, as it is projected outward into life.

To the developed ego, surrender to the soul is death pure and simple, so the resistance is total. The soul does not surrender to the ego, so this battle may continue for a long and increasingly painful time.

Eventually the denial of the ego does give way to the beautiful and life affirming surrender to the soul purpose. It is not the fearsome death the ego expected, but truly a birth into a new level of life.

It is easy to assume that once surrender has occurred, all is well going forward with soul purpose. Won’t that bring a path of roses and joy?

But what birth is without its pangs and difficulties? What birth does not signify a new beginning, a new cycle of learning?

This particular new beginning turns life upside down and inside out. Longstanding relationships may fall away. The line of work may change completely. Everything is thrown up into the air and comes back down in unknown and unexpected patterns.

These changes are a death of the former way of life indeed. Sometimes the outer reality does not actually appear to change a great deal, but the inner changes are as enormous and transforming as though every external detail had turned into its opposite.

Navigating this set of challenges is demanding. You get to practice surrender on a continual basis. It is not as though we surrender once and it is done forever. It is more a matter of learning to flow with surrender continuously.

As with riding a bicycle, it is hardest at first and then becomes effortless grace. Most of us who have chosen surrender to our soul purpose are unevenly finding our way to the effortless grace stage.

What are your experiences with this process? What would you like to share with others? What questions would you like to ask?

This post is concludes the Change of Being Series begun on Earth Day. The prior posts were Self Responsibility and The Unvarnished Truth.

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