Blog Cleanup Time

Give me a paintbrush and I can do about anything, but crawl around inside WordPress and tinker? Yikes!

But that is what I had to do yesterday. This blog is on a manually installed version of WordPress and I did not do the installation. It was long overdue for upgrading to the latest version but I had been putting it off.

It was easy to postpone because of my hectic schedule, but it was really because the project intimidated me. This was unfortunately preventing me from installing a new theme to replace one that has been greatly annoying me with its deficiencies and malfunctions.

The new theme I had chosen, zigzag3 by Sadish, would not work on my older WordPress installation. I really love his themes and use them on my other blogs. They are feature rich, very clean, seo friendly, and they actually work like they are supposed to do.

The last straw came when I discovered for some unknown reason all my Paypal buttons and links had somehow redirected to my rss feed! They refused to behave at all. I finally bit the bullet and manually deleted the bulk of my WordPress installation at my webhost.

You can imagine my relief when the new installation actually worked.

I checked and my Paypal links were still berserk. I briefly switched to the WordPress default theme and they worked.

I then rolled up my sleeves and modified the wonderful zigzag3 theme to use my header and colors. Then I installed it. I gleefully deleted the old theme so it will never be seen again on this blog.

Once everything was working I was on a roll. I did a major cleanup on the blog. I hope you like the new presentation and find it more usable.

Now I want some hot chocolate.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Cleanup Time

  1. Lexi Sundell

    You are more than welcome!

    I have suspected for a long time that my old theme was losing some of my traffic by loading the post dead last. My stats confirm this, ever since I got your zigzag3 theme on here, I am losing fewer visitors in the first thirty seconds.

    My thanks to you!

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