Carnival of Creative Growth #17

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #17. Despite the holiday busyness, we have a large and diverse selection of articles for you this edition. I hope you enjoy them as you browse through the offerings.

I thank the contributors for their writing and ask them to remember to link back to this page to help promote all the writings for more to enjoy. Special thanks to participants who link to this carnival, Stumble and Digg it!

Creative Thinking

Lexi Sundell, (that’s me) presents Adventures with the Creative Muse Part One as I explore the creative drive as it has propelled its way through my life.

Christine presents Film vs TV, Why We Opted to Turn the TV Off, plus Frugal Tips for Movie Buffs posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France, saying, “Cheap ways to see great films!”

Todd Goldfarb presents 50 Ways You Can Be The Change posted at We The Change, saying, “Hi Lexi– here is a list of 50 Ways we can “be the change” in the world. Enjoy!”

Carol Bentley presents An enjoyable experience. . . posted at Carol Bentley. Yum, sounds good to me!

Creative Business Growth

Michael Martine presents Why Should Artists Blog? posted at Remarkablogger, saying, “Outlines the strong connection between personal journaling, storytelling, and selling your creations. A must-read for all artists and studio professionals.”

Wanda Grindstaff presents Success Through Service, the Most Important Component! posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles. She presents her philosophy of business well.

Terry Dean presents 80/20 Rule In Time Management posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean. Advice that echoes Timothy Ferriss.

Charles H. Green presents The Single Fastest Thing You Can Do to Increase Trust posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Get back to people. Fast. Seriously.”

Woody Maxim presents What will you do with the message? posted at Woody Maxim.

Matthew Paulson presents Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Non-Profit posted at American Consumer News.

Richard Lee presents Uhhhh? WOW! posted at Richard Lee, saying, “Just 3 days ago… I wrote about how I was sliding down in the rankings…Oddly enough… I seem to have popped back up to el numero uno. Hey… I’ll take it.”

Value Seeker presents Common Mutual Fund Investing Mistakes posted at Stock Investing, saying, “Many investors make the same mistakes when investing in mutual funds, such as paying loads and other high expense fees.”

Tali presents Merry Christmas to The Marketer Review Readers- StomperNet Going Natural 2.0 posted at The Marketer Review, saying, “Find out where the best, freshest, free SEO information is at!”

Susan presents Vocation Vacations posted at The Innovative Traveler. An interesting read if you can stand all the typos.

Creative Group Growth

Carole Fogarty presents The one and only zen gift to give your children. posted at THE HEALTHY LIVING LOUNGE, saying, “what is the one observation in life that you know for sure will offer a helpful guiding path through any confusing, unsure or turbulent times for your children and carry them through to adulthood.”

Warren Wong presents Conversation Skills / Tips: How To Have A Good Conversation posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Tips to improve your conversation skills and help you have a good conversation!”

Creative Personal Growth

CG Walters presents Some Things You Just Know posted at Into the Mist, saying, “In December 1993, by many standards my life was wonderful. I was in a loving relationship. Also, my life was failing by some standards that I could not escape.”

David B. Bohl presents Need a Break? Do as Badgers Fans Do and JUMP AROUND | Slow Down Fast Today! ~ David B. Bohl posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “Taking our minds off the tasks, challenges, and obstacles before us often is exactly what we need to refocus our energies.”

The Career Counselor presents Breaking the Cycle of Bitterness and Finding Happiness at Work posted at ask the CareerCounselor.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents 7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Reached Your Goals Yet posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Check this list of reasons why your goals have not been met then go out and accomplish those goals.”

Kim Staudenraus presents Identifing Safe People for Success of Self posted at Kim Staudenraus . com, saying, “How to recognize safe people, unsafe people, and how to see what is unsafe in yourself for self improvement”

Tupelo Kenyon presents Ego or Soul? Who’s Driving? posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Even though I identify my sense of self with soul, there seems to be another “something” inside forever jockeying for position and making its presence known. This is the ego.”

Alex Blackwell presents The Two Things We Want Most posted at The Next 45 Years.

Steve Pavlina presents Career Transitions posted at Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog.

Anmol Mehta presents Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga, saying, “A collection of profound meditation techniques to help you life your life to the max.”

Edith presents The Last Day of My Life posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Fred Black presents Follow Your Heart posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Chris presents The Nondual Perspective on Subjective Reality posted at
>Martial Development
, saying, “Subjective Reality and Law of Attraction theories may help, or may hinder your personal development. Learn why here.”

Sam presents The Wonderful Beatrix Potter, Illustrator, Storyteller, Farmer and Preservationist ! Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “The Wonderful Beatrix Potter, Illustrator, Storyteller and Conservationist. Beatrix created the famous Peter Rabbit. All her childhood pets became characters in her books. [more]”

Tina Su presents 9 Ways to Overcome Jealousy posted at Think Simple. Be Decisive. The voice of experience speaks clearly.

Creative Projects

Kilroy_60 presents When Splatters Matter posted at Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers, which displays images of his own paintings.

Many thanks to the writers who submitted to this edition. For the next edition submit your blog article using our carnival submission form. Past posts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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    Many blessings, Lexi, for including “Some things you just know” in this fine group of articles. Thank you for the work involved in pulling together such a collection. I have added links in the article and my blogroll, as well as bookmarked this posting so that others can benefit from your efforts.
    Good fortune and many wonders in this new year ahead,

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