The Apocalyptic Egg

Chiseling holes in the dike with words,
ancient barrier looming invisible,
so long unseen it rises in the fog a mighty surprise.
The unnoticed walls enclose most powerfully,
even if made of crumbling mortar and loose stones.
Unnoticed walls seal the beyond from thought, hope, and desire,
a void does not beckon with enticing possibilities.
One hides from the void, building barriers
and then forgetting the building of them,
narrowing existence to the slender beam,
a narrow world within walls, with the certainty one can see all.
A dangerous illusion, entrapping one further.

Huge, looming barriers are but gossamer figments of mind,
a veil of thought, insubstantial
yet inexorable in their power to contain.

Words chip at the edges of the invisible, making tiny cracks,
clues to the shape of the barrier,
cracks forming webs until egglike,
new life bursts forth with unmatched intensity and focus.

The void holds all possibilities,
limitless dance of unsung songs,
the wordless incantation to the universe,
words crystallize in the void,
falling through space, through cracks in time,
falling into my head and out onto paper,
words chasing the sky-demons and nightdragons of ancient times,
a paean of words lifting the veil.

Let the covered wounds be made whole,
the flesh vibrant and thirsting for life,
the electric charge of the stars coursing in powerful crescendo,
bringing the unknown stillness,
the point of balance in the hologram,
the place where the slight movement of a spider makes kingdoms shake and fall,
a place for silent reverence and purity of thought.
Pass beyond the dramas of life
and see the unnoticed essence
we long ago walled away, with the barriers of fear.

Emotion and thought trapped in flesh,
we pose our own conundrums, our own solutions beyond description,
but words tear at the mystery,
slicing layers of darkness from our eyes
until we see at last ourselves in the void.

Faceless shadow on the waters turns to light, love, surrender,
a great gale of joy ascends the heavens,
spirals of energy leaping, overlapping eons in the twinkling moment,
a dance of stillness.

One goes within the stillpoint,
hologram enfolds, unfolds, revolves around one,
the mystery lies visible at last.

Hold the energy,
still aimed precision, the cosmos is born.
Hold the energy still,
power thunders even through hell itself,
the goddess unleashed reigns.

A great truth, fleeting from words,
words reveal and then conceal, mind-tricks of ink.
Be not deceived,
only in the stillpoint lies the word of all words.
Let the pen aim clearly.
One chooses randomness
or the still center.
Choose wisely.



Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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