Poppies of the Dawn


Poppies of the dawn wear soft veils of knowing,
Gently kissed by light arriving from the void.

Translucent petals
Shimmer in trembling air,
Deceptively fragile,
Yet brimming
With indomitable purpose.

The flowers begin to rouse the bees
To worship at their golden altars of life.

The mysteries of pollen
Hold the songs of creation,
Crystalline poppy forms
Bringing petals born of times past
To blossom in moments yet unseen.

New morning poppies dance each gentle breeze,
Eternal cycles of being caught in their petals.

This post is included in the Garden Fest carnival, and I recommend you check out the other articles as well.

Note about Lexi Sundell’s painting: “Dawn Poppies” is a specially commissioned painting used as an architectural element in the home. Other original paintings and prints available at RiverStone Gallery.



Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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