Higher Sense Perception Mastery with Gia Combs-Ramirez

Gia Combs-Ramirez is featuring a 21 day online course on her blog, The Science of Energy Healing, while she is in India for her deeksha training in August. She is an accomplished energy healer of the highest integrity, so I thought it would be worthwhile to interview her about this intriguing project.

The course, titled Higher Sense Perception Mastery, was created by you with your guides and nature spirits. This makes it particularly interesting since you are the most skilled individual I know at working with higher sense perception.

Can you tell us what Higher Sense Perception Mastery covers?

The course has three steps: healing our near and far senses; reconfiguring them for ease in higher sense perception; and interpreting with higher sense perception.

Why is it important to develop these abilities?

Higher Sense Perception is traditionally known as intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other psychic abilities. The guides I work with, however, view HSP as the natural right of every human who experiences life from a place of joy, appreciation and openheartedness.

By taking the course, a person can not only begin to perceive beyond the mere physical but also begin to live in his or her fullest potential. In other words, the end result isn’t to be able to use your third eye to spy on the boys in the locker room, but to be fully experiencing life in the highest vibration possible. That is the definition of higher sense perception. Psychic abilities are just a natural by-product.

Can anyone take this online course?

Yes, they can. The course was designed with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ which has built in safety mechanisms. Participants should feel gentle healing and joy during the course.

I personally don’t subcribe to “the-more-intense-it-is-the-better” mindframe when it comes to energy healing. When healing is balanced electromagnetically, there is no healing crisis.

It is important for participants to understand, however, that in a healing process the old distorted energies (or traumas) will lift out from the conscious mind last. That can feel a little bit in your face. As long as this lifting out is interpreted from a “May you go with God…but go!” attitude, instead of…”Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” there is no distress.

As the old distorted patterns lift out, it makes room for new possibilities.

As there are two ways to take the course, can you describe them?

The first way to take the course is to just read each daily lesson. It brings new information to the conscious mind.

The second way includes the conscious information as well as energetic information from the guides who are creating the course. Some of this energetic information is for the healing mechanisms of your body and some is for new ways of perceiving.

For people who are energetically sensitive they will feel this as waves of energy moving through their body. For others, they may notice a difference in events or people surrounding them. By the way, those who feel the energy move through them are primarily using their near senses, while the ones who notice a difference in their environment are using their far senses.

For the energetic component to happen, you must donate on the blog (or send a check) in a multiple of 21. This act of donation indicates to the guides that you are activating your free will and choice to receive the energetic component of the course.

Will everyone who takes the course be a master of higher sense
perception at the end of the 21 days?

The guides actually chose the word “mastery” for this course. I am
a bit more cautious about using such terms as I know we humans can get fixated on certain expectations.

After questioning the guides (kind of severely!) about it, their response was along these lines: “Every human is a master soul. There is no need to become a master, only to allow one’s self to open to their mastery.”

After the 21 days there will be a mastery for each person…and it’s just a beginning to greater and greater levels of mastery.

Can you describe the process of creating the course?

Ha! Or LOL as my son would say on his cell phone texting. Good

First there was the word (or intention). And on the first day, gia said, “Let there be light!” And on the second day gia said…well you get the idea.
Smiley Face
Who can explain how creation works?

I can say that the tools that were used to enhance my own higher sense perception were Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ for setting up my fields with the guides, muscle testing, divination cards, clairaudience, Bach Flower Remedies and lots of dream time.

The tools used by the guides to create each day’s lessons were the CCT protocol and Soul Charts, geometric configurations with sacred geometry and other vibrations, holographic time chambers, and some goodies that I don’t even know about.

Since you have an extensive background working with higher sense perception, can you give us an overview of your work?

Higher Sense Perception is something that has opened slowly for me. This has given me a better understanding of how to work with the gifts and challenges of being psychically gifted.

My own unique way of perceiving has more to do with reading energy and clairsentience, then it does with clairvoyance. In other words, when a person asks me a question I read their field for the answer. The implication with this is that we have all the answers…we just need help at times accessing them.

Being a healer, however, I’m not just interested in information. If something need healing, why provide just the information about that? When I work with people, there is healing and information going on simultaneously.

In conclusion, what is your view of where humanity is going at this rather volatile time?

All roads to lead enlightenment because that is the natural consequence of evolution. Some of us have chosen the long arduous way to get there and some of us are moving at the speed of grace.

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