My Favorite Ways to Raise My Vibes

OptimistLab tagged me for the High Vibes Game to share our secrets for raising our vibes and for promoting the new High Vibe It site, which is an interesting Digg-like site for high vibrational news. Without further ado I shall list my five favorite methods.

  1. Set up my energy fields with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™. This is a fast simple way to stabilize my energy fields regardless of the level of havoc occurring around me, or within me. I generally only need to do it once in the morning for the day, but if something particularly drastic happens, doing it again can be helpful.
  2. Release resistance. Sometimes my vibes drop because I am stubbornly resisting whatever is bothering me. Resistance is both futile and wasteful of energy, so the more I practice releasing resistance the higher my vibes go. Then I can use my energy either to change the situation, or change myself in relation to the situation.
  3. Redirect my attention to what I appreciate. It is usually easy to appreciate health, financial plenty, peaceful relations with family and friends, etc. Frankly, it is far more telling when I can appreciate something I do not want in my life at all. When I actually manage to do that, my vibes go right up.
  4. Spend time in the gardens and greenhouse or out on the river. I can depend on grounding with nature to raise my vibes. The mundane distractions of life disappear and the inner connection with growing, unfolding, and flowing reasserts its rightful place in my energies.
  5. Create a work of art. This one can really get my vibes running high, with one caveat. I do have to start at a decent vibrational level in the first place for it to work. If I am too tired, I would be better off choosing rest as the appropriate solution at that time.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Ways to Raise My Vibes

  1. OptimistLab

    Great wisdom-filled post Lexi!

    I really like that you mentioned releasing resistance. Whenever we push against the parts of our lives we don’t like, we actually attract more of whatever it is we are pushing against.

    As you said, by releasing resistance you can then redirect your energy towards creating more of what you do want in your life.

    Great stuff Lexi, thanks so much for playing!


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