Freedom of Choice in Food Supplements Update

I posted an alert on the FDA’s proposed new “Guidance” on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in a note at the beginning of the Carnival of Creative Growth 3. The Natural Solutions Foundation sent this statement in their latest newsletter.

Although the FDA denied our request to extend the comment, failed to update its site
or its comment tally, extended the comment period and then rescinded the extension
(!), our collective voice won us a huge victory in Congress today. Because we
rallied behind our health freedom and access to natural health products, every
member of the Senate voting today heard us loud and clear and acted — without a
single dissenting voice — to protect our health freedom!

The vote was unanimous to prevent changes to the way food supplements are regulated by the FDA so they cannot expand their fiat with the proposed new Guidance.

This is not an across the board victory, as more is occurring than the issue of food supplements, but this is significant in that a large popular demand for freedom of choice in these areas is getting a positive response from our lawmakers.

The Carnival of Healing, featured this article along with some other articles of interest.



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