Group Healing Concepts

I constantly use Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, also called CCT, on a daily basis for both personal and group healing and evolution. This new modality is a specific energy process designed to rapidly propel intentions into manifestation. While CCT works well on the personal level, it has its fullest expression in group matters. These groups can be family groups, business and workplace groups, community groups, clubs, and other kinds of organizations which have their own group identity.

The underlying philosophy of CCT provides insight into the ways an individual can bring healing intentions into any of the groups in which he or she participates. These concepts, while intrinsic to CCT, can be applied to other approaches if the individual is not trained in CCT and uses the Law of Attraction, prayer, or other methods.

At the heart of the CCT approach to group healing lies the concept of free will and choice and the fundamental importance of honoring free will and choice in others. Manipulative and invasive techniques are not part of this process because they violate that free will and choice. This in itself may initially appear to make it impossible for an individual to initiate a group healing.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. An important distinction has to be made between individuals and the groups to which they belong. Individuals have free will and choice so within the CCT process no one else may bring intentions for another adult. Parents have specific responsibilities for their children, so they can bring intentions for their young children.

Groups, however, have a different energy dynamic of their own. Above and beyond each of the individuals lies the larger group energy. Each member of the group participates in that group energy and can bring intentions into the group energy. These intentions are for the group energy dynamic, and not for specific individuals, who each carry their own personal intentions intact.

To give an example, a town may be experiencing a group controversy. One faction within the town may be using illegal and underhanded techniques to further their particular cause. Another faction may advocate full public disclosure and decision making.

The faction wanting public disclosure can approach this by bringing intentions for the town group energy such as, “Let the truth be revealed so right action follows.” This intention brings integrity to the public process without violating individual free will and choice. The individuals pursuing illegal manipulative techniques are entirely likely to continue lying and not honoring the truth, which is their choice.

However, the group dynamic of the town will then bring those lies into the open if the intention of letting the truth be revealed is properly activated. Consequently, the intention brought for the group will affect everyone in that group without violating their personal decision making.

That last sentence carries a kicker it is wise to consider. An intention brought for a group affects all members of the group equally in their participation in the group energy, not just the apparent “bad guys.” Those who bring the intentions will find unexpected changes for themselves as well as for the more obvious candidates in the situation. How does this work?

We are accustomed to viewing others with the concept of separation. I am myself and not that person over there. We further become judgmental when viewing those others. In terms of group energies, this approach dead ends in problems which defy easy solution.

Rather than blaming individuals for negative behaviors within our groups, another key concept for clear understanding is required. This concept is that any member of a group who appears to be causing a problem is actually only illustrating a problem that is within the group and also in all members of the group in some form.

This evaporates the blame game and allows new and useful ways to regard problem members in our groups, as well as look at ourselves individually in the mirror and work on what we see there.

Fred or Sally is communicating poorly? This is an indicator the entire group has a problem with communication. Other individuals may have the pattern showing in more subtle ways, but the problem inevitably will be present in some form.

The solution is not to “fix” Fred or Sally, but to address the basic communication problem within the whole group that those individuals are publicly demonstrating. The intention is not for Fred or Sally to communicate better, which would violate their individual choices, but instead to bring the intention for clear communications within the group. The clear communication intention for the group dynamic opens new and unexpected possibilities for all the individuals participating in the group and simultaneously brings powerful healing to the group communication patterns.

Since intentions steer the process, developing intentions which accurately target the desired result is crucial. In Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ these intentions are stated in completely positive terms because the energy body ignores negatives. However, if it is difficult to identify the appropriate intention for a situation, one can simply ask, “What do I not want?” An answer immediately appears. The next question is, “What would be the best replacement for what I do not want?” That answer is the intention.

Refining intentions constitutes a creative art in itself and I will discuss it further in another article.

At the heart of this process lies personal responsibility. We are responsible for our personal choices and the resulting consequences, and we are also responsible for our contributions to our groups and those consequences as well. Fortunately we can continue to bring healing into our group dynamics so those consequences are more and more positive ones as we proceed with the process.