Gladiolas and Inspiration

I happened to see a photo of a Priscilla Gladiolus nearly a year ago in a photo competition. I immediately knew I had to grow that wonderful flower.

The bloom has a spectacular blending of colors. Yellow is splashed on the lower petals blending into pale pinks and corals. Those pinks and corals become darker toward the outer edges of the petals. I was enthralled with the flower.

I tracked down a supplier of the bulbs and planted them in my hoophouse this spring. Gladiolas have not much liked the outdoors in my yard so I thought the hoophouse might be the better environment for them.

However, summer was hot, really hot. My poor gladiolas survived in their pots but all the flowers had unpleasantly brown singed petals. Viewing the uninspiring lot of them, I embarked upon plan B.

I had not planted all the bulbs as I ran out of time. The poor neglected leftovers got a second chance for glory. I planted them in midsummer in a large pot in the hoophouse.

They slowly stirred themselves and began growing. Fall came before they had even thought of blooming. As the nights grew colder I decided to shut down the hoophouse.

To my surprise, one of the plants in the large pot had a flower stalk almost ready to open. Excitedly, I loaded the pot in the wheelbarrow and took it in the house.

So my gladiolus finally bloomed with exquisite flowers last week. No brown edges, just the gloriously lovely colors in the photo I had seen months ago!

These blossoms have now withered, but I have hopes of some of the other plants blooming in that same big pot. I am sure I will be painting Priscilla Gladiolas this winter after all!

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