Fire the Grid, Sincere But Misguided

Fire the Grid Movement

I have been watching the Fire the Grid movement for some time now. It is time for me to take a totally unpopular stance, rather like voting against motherhood and apple pie. So be it.

My perception is that this feel-good-save-the-earth-make-everything-better-movement is based on misunderstanding how consciousness evolves and how to support and assist that process effectively.

Well meant healing intentions are then misdirected into a path opposing what the founder of this movement and the vast majority of the participants seem to think they are doing.

Evolution of Consciousness

The evolution of consciousness requires a certain amount of chaos as old patterns dissolve in the course of bringing a new level of organization into being. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this process even if it is untidy and uncomfortable during that stage.

The Earth herself is going through a major transformation of consciousness and we are along for the ride this time. We are definitely not used to this level of chaos in our world.

If you have ever considered how a caterpillar must feel after making the chrysalis, this is it. Everything shifts and changes; reality seems dark and murky while confusions abound. Perhaps a longing for walking peacefully on green leaves stirs within the memory.

The Fire the Grid movement wants to fix it all this unpleasantness by beaming a huge amount of energy into the uncomfortable scary mess. Just blast that grid!

The chrysalis blows up. So much for the poor butterfly.

Drama/Trauma Configurations

In the past human spiritual consciousness has usually been stronger than that of the Earth, but this has recently changed. Not only is this disorienting to the human energy system, but the chaos occurring in this process stirs old drama/trauma patterns which have fused into humanity’s group fields.

Drama/trauma configurations fuse into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies all at once when created by a sudden horrendous event, or sometimes cumulatively over a longer span of time with many lesser events occurring in an emotionally charged manner.

Healing cannot occur in any one of the bodies without it being simultaneously done in the others at the same time. Such problems can be intractable and unresponsive to healing because few methods exist for removing the configuration from all the bodies at once.

To give two quick personal examples, my mother’s suicide was of the sudden variety and it took 25 years to stop having nightmares about it. Growing up in grinding poverty was of the oft repeated lesser events variety and actually was no less difficult to dislodge. Fortunately CCT now is an efficient tool for dealing with such matters, but I did not have it to use then.

Free Will and Choice vs Drama/Trauma Stimulus

We currently live on a planet of free will and choice, but we are at a time of transition into an unknown cycle. A glance at the world is all that is necessary to confirm not everyone wants to honor free will and choice. There are those forces which would prefer to eliminate free will and choice to further their own ends.

While the morality and ethics of those who wish to eliminate free will and choice are questionable, the intelligence driving that effort is not. Considerable progress has been made in using drama/trauma configurations to propel actions that support enslavement.

Anything that triggers a fear response can be used, and humans are being conditioned to be ever more fearful. These stimuli can readily be used to sabotage well meant efforts.

Drama/Trauma Stimulus and Fire the Grid

We have a woman and her son who narrowly escaped death. Does this sound like it has any ingredients for a drama/trauma stimulus? Death is one of the easiest triggers to use, both for this woman and for those who hear her story.

Add to that equation the fact that such an experience takes time to integrate and assimilate. In lieu of that healing time, she received information about launching the Fire the Grid movement. Notice she did not come up with the exact time for this herself, but received it from beings she interpreted as benevolent.

I looked at the astrological chart for that time and it is appallingly well chosen for deceit and destruction. I will not go into the analysis here, but, as I said, the intelligence behind it is strong indeed.

Consequently, I see a movement populated by people I consider kindred spirits, people who are being skillfully aimed in utterly the wrong direction. That angers me more than anything else, that well intentioned people are being derailed in such a deliberately destructive manner.

The Earth’s Journey

What the Earth actually needs right now is our loving support and all the harmony we can share with her. The process within a chrysalis occurs in a protected, safe environment to prevent outside disruptions. A delicate and magical transformation occurs in the dark time of chaos within the chrysalis.

As a species we are prone to much arrogance, and we are totally arrogant to think we are smart enough to “fix” the enormous consciousness of the Earth. We need to remember humility and grace and perhaps notice the deeper, incredibly beautiful, reality that is unfolding before our fear blinded eyes.

Personally, I vote for the butterfly.

May the Earth be blessed in her transformation.

I have now posted a list of intentions that address the process of positive evolution of humanity at this time.

To read another post with a similar point of view, go to Ask Gia.

Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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13 thoughts on “Fire the Grid, Sincere But Misguided

  1. Damian | BEing the Change


    Many thanks for detailing an intelligent approach.

    I ‘knew’ that Fire the Grid didn’t ‘feel’ right although the intentions of those involved are, I believe, are good but not necessarily the ‘Higher Good’.

    And there’s the crux – there already is a tried and tested focus for anyone who wishes to share some of their energies THE Higher Good – of Self, of Human Kind, of Mother Earth and of the Universe.

    This has been the focus of Mystics, Magicians and Spiritual people from many cultures for a loooonnnnggg time – we don’t need a specific date and time to be told to do this, we do it ALL the time.

    We then TRUST (an essential element of the process) that the Universe will use that energy, in whatever way it chooses, for the benefit of ALL.

    Thank the Source for Free Will 🙂

    Love and Light to you and Mother Earth,


  2. Lexi Sundell

    I agree with your distinction between good and the Higher good.

    We do have to surrender our own mind games and agendas to allow/invite the Higher Good to enter. Which is why trust is such a vital component.

    Peace and Healing,

  3. gia combs-ramirez

    Thanks, Lexi, for taking a vocal stand against something that is very popular. Understanding the three phases of growth can help us discern and navigate these unknown waters that we are currently treading. The first phase is a quickening, a time of remembering that there is something greater than the current status quo. You might call this the honeymoon phase of things. The next phase is the one of chaos, when all the old patterns lift out. If you think about this, the old has to pass away to make room for the new. If you’ve got a closet packed full of old stuff, you can’t put anything new in it until it’s been cleaned out. Our task during chaos is to be comfortable with it…trusting that what comes next is already part of the “bigger picture.” The final phase of growth is the moving into the new level. Whew! What a relief it is when we get there. Most people however, fight and resist the second phase and never move through it. Relax, trust and go with the flow. The next evolution naturally flows in.

    A system that works naturally and effortlessly with these three phases is

    What’s that you say??? You’ve already heard of this sytem? Fancy that!

  4. Tina Louise

    But…. for the many, this will be a tentative spiritual step that will give pause for thought on matters not normally a part of their lives. This action is positive, there is no bad to it – so it can do no harm. It is an act of hope and hope is healing and regardless of the outcome – this enriches the individuals who participate. I believe this to be an exceptional action that will nourish many hungry souls 🙂

    Wonderful to see this everywhere too and wishing us all peace and calm in order to meditate/pray or ponder at 11:11am GMT on 17th July 2007 for a healed world and humanity united.

    Tina Louise

  5. Lexi Sundell

    Tina Louise,
    My title still stands, Sincere But Misguided. And if you really think no harm comes from misdirected good intentions, you have not been paying attention. I hope your lessons on this come gently.

    I think I have heard of CCT, come to think of it, ha!

  6. Tina Louise

    Hi Lexi,
    I read your very well written article ‘Discerning Truth’ and was in agreement entirely….that we can only truly trust the truth we find within.

    Not quite sure though, how you felt this might reflect on our current discussion? Other than perhaps to make the point that ‘Lighting the Grid’ was a good thing. Each of us who participated, did this as an individual – together 🙂 Each had cause to access inner truth and each had cause to step away from the fleshy self with thoughts of bills and jobs and governments…to consider our gratitude for life and this planet – no finer energetic integrity in my eyes.

    I believe we are similar souls – just looking from different angles Lexi 🙂

    Tina Louise

  7. Lexi Sundell

    Thank you for your remarks, glad you liked the Discerning Truth article.

    That article underscores my stance here. I am perfectly willing to state unequivocally how I see things, but I never expect anyone to abandon their own vision to attempt to follow mine. That would be utterly useless.

    And I was not attempting to indicate that Firing the Grid was a good thing, but thank you for wondering. From my perspective it was a lot of energy, but unbalanced. Electrical and magnetic energies need to be balanced for optimum flow and integration, but this was an unstable electrical blast.

    I have been surprised at the number of people reporting disorientation, and other forms of distress since the event itself, whether they participated or not. This is not the sort of chaos that is part of a healing process where old patterns dissolve, but is instead indicative of unbalanced energies in the collective consciousness of humans.

    The good part is the protections the earth has in place worked well with so many humans doing this project. The energies simply hit the human collective consciousness, which is undoubtedly appropriate. The door is open for learning how to work on high group levels more effectively.

    I hope that the majority of the people participating were doing what you said. There has been a strong fear based motivation for many, even if that is not what drew you to the project.

    I would be interested in hearing more about how you perceived the event and what you have yourself observed since it occurred.
    Indeed a kindred spirit,

  8. Tina Louise

    Hi Lexi,
    I find us in agreement again when you say:
    …”I am perfectly willing to state unequivocally how I see things, but I never expect anyone to abandon their own vision to attempt to follow mine. That would be utterly useless.”…
    …so although we view the event differently, we both did so with out own personal truth for guidance.

    No-one I encountered in regards to this was acting from fear…in fact this is the only place I have found an opinion not positive? Perhaps I need to look futher 🙂

    For me personally, the experience was indeed disorienting, but in a wonderful way. I felt moved from where I was to a point where inside…I felt a strength and ability I had not felt before. This felt like purpose and like faith…I trusted the experience and in return, I feel renewed and refreshed by it.

    No harm, only pleasure and hope resulted for me and for all those I communicated with who also participate. For a few that I invited, this was their first step into falling into faith and for two in particular – they are much more in touch with their ‘selves’ as well as now being open to learning more about the power we each have.

    Tina x

  9. Lexi Sundell

    Thank you for your open communication here, I do enjoy hearing other points of view. I hope you return and comment on any articles where you wish to share your point of view.
    Peace and Healing,

  10. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

    Lexi, the conversations between you and Tina were interesting. I keep using that word in describing your articles, don’t I. I am not sure how I feel, at this point, about what you both said. I did participate by simply sending love to the core of Mother Earth. I don’t believe that we have the right to try to change anyone else and that goes for Mother Earth. I believe that we can support her efforts whatever they may be with our love. My prayer is that we do no harm to others including Mother Earth and ourselves. I didn’t feel that the Fire The Grid accomplished much. I haven’t shared that thought with anyone else. I did come away from the experience with a feeling of unwellness that I am still experiencing to a degree. I do know that coming from a position of being well-meaning is not always a good thing. Or at least, the end product is not always for the good as was hoped for. It can sometimes cause more damage than good. I will definitely come back and read some more of your articles. I do wish you had an email subscription in place as well as your feed subscription. Thanks. Have a glorious day.

  11. Lexi Sundell

    Thanks for commenting here, sorry you are not feeling too well. You might benefit from an energy balancing session. One possible thought is to go to the CCT website and try out the online free mini session.

    If you are trying to warm the house by burning the floors, the intention may be well meaning, but the results disastrous!

    I will try to figure out how to do an email subscription thing in the next couple of weeks, the learning curve on making this blog has been STEEP!

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