A Wolf in the Dining Room and Other Adventures

Life takes some surprising turns. I was supposed to go to lunch with a lady whose car had just been repaired. She was not confident the car was all right and called to ask me to look for her if she did not arrive in 25 minutes or so.

Twenty five minutes came and went. I also went, to look for her. Her car had indeed broken down near my house. My brother retrieved the car and started fixing it in the driveway.

This all sounds fairly straightforward, except for the wolf. Washi had gotten in the car without Diane noticing until she was ready to leave. She worried she did not have time to take him back in the house before I ended up roaming the highway looking for her. So she simply left him in the car and started for Ennis.

Fortunately Washi is a well trained ten year old wolf she raised from a pup. He was not wearing a collar so we could not put him on the long lead in the back corner of the property. In a quandary, I suggested we bring him in the house.

My border collie/spaniel mix puppy was horrified to see this monstrously huge creature enter the house. He promptly dived under my chair to hide. However once Cosmo discovered the wolf was not planning to eat him, and even seemed to like him, he was utterly ecstatic.

The two sniffed each other and became more acquainted. Washi apparently is skilled at raising puppies. Diane says any pup he is around for awhile becomes a very calm animal.

Washi sprawled out on the dining room floor, perfectly relaxed. Cosmo gradually became more at ease and slowly went to stand by Washi’s head, which was nearly as large as the puppy. He quite gingerly and carefully laid down, copying Washi’s pose exactly.

Every move Washi made, the puppy simultaneously duplicated. He was totally entrained with the wolf. We thought it quite hilarious to watch and I photographed them. Click on the photo for a larger image if it helps.

Washi and Cosmo

Diane explained the wolf has been having great difficulty with allergies and I ended up doing a Physical Tree of Life healing session on the wolf. I had done this on our dogs earlier, but a wolf was a first for me.

Washi was, as I have said, a really large animal. I sat on the floor beside him, but in order to reach the points I had to hold, I kept moving in closer to Washi. Ultimately I was leaned across him partially resting my arms on him as I worked through the protocol.

The first points had a lot of movement and release occurring with them. Then this wonderful smooth strong energy started running through the wolf. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the process.

When the session completed, I stood up and returned to my chair. Washi lifted his head and looked at me reproachfully, as if to protest the ending of this process. Diane then told me he never tolerates anyone sitting close to him, let alone leaning on him, so she was impressed.

I find it interesting to see what results come from these canine Physical Tree of Life healing sessions. So far Plato has been moving more freely and the puppy recovered from his diarrhea without having to go to vet. Washi still has his allergies but has been far more energized since his session. I want to know how long the results will hold, so I will have to wait and see.



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6 thoughts on “A Wolf in the Dining Room and Other Adventures

  1. Darren

    Seems like yur creative healing is more successful than some motor mechanics 🙂 hope the dogs all continue improving and thanks for the comment on imaginality

  2. Lexi Sundell

    Thanks, I do find that Crystalline Consciousness Technique can accomplish amazing results, and the Physical Tree of Life healing is a specialized form of that.

    Maybe we should have done CCT on the car repair project, ha!

  3. WolfQueen

    Well, since that was a smashing success, I will bring Kahn over to visit. He is bigger than Wasi and loves everyone. He tries to be housebroken so I will bring my own shovel, trashbag, and can of Lysol, a couple of gasmasks, lessee, new flooring, grout…

  4. Lexi Sundell

    Sorry about misspelling Wasi’s name, I will go back and fix it one of these days. Bring Kahn, sounds like another adventure…


  5. WolfQueen

    Well it is tough to learn the lakhota launguage without prior knowlegdge and he answers to “Hey want some ice cream?” so you did okay.

    I thought about bringin ExCaelis since he needs brain work. He imitates me while I am talking on the phone which is most distracting. When I look at him out of the corner of my eye he is doing teh same and then looks at me like “What?” and looks at me like “What?” I am not sure I like being mocked by a wolf.

    Kahn is more of a laid back character who doesn’t insist on trying to imitate your actions. Might be easier to work on .

    Tomaotes are looking good. I will have to come make catsup soon.

    The Caped Catsup Crusader

    How did catsupo ever get it’s name…

  6. Lexi Sundell

    Mocked by a wolf? That is a new one.

    Catsup was named when kitties still ate tomatoes.

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