Physical Tree of Life Healing Sessions for Dogs

Plato, our 9 ½ year old Aussie mix, was one of a litter of 9 puppies abandoned in the fall on my friend’s patio in Missouri. I arrived the next spring and Plato was the only one left. She was 8 months old, pregnant, and had been hit by a car and lost half her tail.

Jan was more than happy to send the dog away with me as she had completely run out of potential homes for her in the tiny population of their town. She and her husband were often gone on business, leaving the unfortunate orphan to strange misadventures and they wanted the dog to have a real home.

Plato has nerve damage from the car hitting her and as she ages it bothers her more of the time. She has been coming to me wanting Reiki (a form of hands on energy healing) fairly frequently lately.

I had been considering doing a Physical Tree of Life healing session on her when Bern said she was not doing well on their morning walk and could barely make it up the porch stairs.

I sat down with her and did the Tree of Life session, which went fairly quickly. Dogs do not pile up the emotional baggage I find with human adults, so they process the work rapidly and with minimal interference, which is a pleasure.

At the ninth point I could feel a dramatic shift in her body. When I closed the session, Plato looked up at me, absolutely glowing with a doggie thank you in her eyes.

Bern took her out in the yard and she moved briskly. She even ran up the stairs on the porch. I shall be interested to see how long the improvement holds.

That same evening our puppy, coincidentally also from a litter of nine, came down with a severe case of diarrhea. Cosmo is half border collie and half spaniel and ordinarily a mellow little fellow.

My husband had taken him to the Valley Garden fishing access where he may have eaten goose poop. That alone is awful for a dog’s system, even for a full grown dog. Then he inexplicably fed the pup meatloaf.

At 2 a.m. I was up with the poor little guy, who clearly was in real trouble. I did a Physical Tree of Life session for him at that time, due mainly to a lack of other viable options at such an hour. After seeing Plato’s quick response I was ready to try it for Cosmo.

When Cosmo is hungry or needs to potty, he gets agitated and nippy in playing. He was that way during the Tree of Life healing session because of his internal discomfort. Oddly enough, the ninth point was the turning point for him as well.

He calmed and began licking my hand instead of nipping at me. Shortly after I closed the session he started quietly sleeping.

I wish I could say that cured everything, but his difficulties are not fully solved. We started feeding him probiotics, boiled milk, and rice pablum with well rinsed greaseless hamburger. He has improved further each day but seems to have trouble around 1 or 2 a.m. each night.

Last night I did another healing session for him at 2 a.m. He was the most agitated I have seen him and I could hear his innards rumbling. Fortunately by the time I finished the session he was much calmer and licking my hand again. I then laid one hand on his side and did Reiki until he was sleeping deeply again.

At this point Cosmo no longer has diarrhea but he threw up his dinner tonight. He has not become dehydrated, which is crucial. Even though the Tree of Life healing session has not fixed everything, I have observed it help shift Cosmo from acute and dangerous diarrhea to his current state.

His troubles began at the start of the weekend and I have been trying to get him through it at least until Monday when I can find a new vet for him. Because our usual vet sold his practice I had scheduled a routine appointment with a different one this coming Thursday. However I suspect we will not wait that long.

I intend to take both Plato and Cosmo through the other three Tree of Life healing sessions at the appropriate intervals. Since they are the first dogs to receive these healings, I will rely on intuition to find the right timing for each of them. I want to see both of them in vibrant good health, radiantly happy as only dogs can be.



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