You Owe Me’s and IOU’s

Each time I use the Crystalline Heart Activation for myself something different happens with the process. The first time clearly illustrated the depth of healing for me.

I could see intense white light arising from within my heart, irradiating the heart on all levels. As this occurred, I first felt a tightness at the back of my heart.

Typically the back of the heart is supported by the past, and my past certainly has had some highly unsupportive qualities as far as my ancestral family is concerned. Happily enough this gradually dissolved until I felt my heart fully supported from within by that incredible light.

The next blockage was a large dark structure in the middle of my heart. This one was quite painful to experience and the process took quite a bit of time. As the white light irradiated this darkness, I began to see it was a huge collection of You Owe Me’s accumulated over an enormous span of time. Interestingly enough, I saw no IOU’s.

I had not known I was carrying the You Owe Me’s, even while internally waiting for everyone who had slighted or somehow mistreated me for eons to finally pay up. Of course, this could be an eternal wait!

If I was willing to let them go, the possibility opened to experience something quite different in my heart. They were deeply entrenched, but it seemed pointless to hang onto You Owe Me’s that were not going to get cashed soon, if ever.

As I surrendered my carefully horded collection, the dark structure slowly dissolved in the intense light and the pain went away with it. The light continued to blaze within my heart, and a peaceful clarity took the place of the old blockages.

I was surprised to see much of what I had thought was my basic nature was merely an outgrowth from holding that collection of You Owe Me’s. My true essence undistorted by that blockage showed a far more relaxed and gentle person than I would have guessed!

Two days later I repeated the activation and this time I saw IOU’s dissolve easily in the irradiating light. Then the light began moving from the heart into the rest of the body, with the liver needing particular clearing.

In the days following these activations I have had a number of people comment on how changed I am and how much better I look, so the results are apparently obvious to others.I know I feel absolutely wonderful, as the Crystalline Heart Activation is the most amazing healing activation I have ever experienced.



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