Computer Detour From Blogging and Life

Some detours in life are not exactly welcome. I have spent most of the past few days in computer purgatory with both of my computers. My desktop machine is custom built for graphics, which I use a lot for our gallery, but I also have a fairly decent laptop for a backup.

Both machines decided to give me grief right when my tech guy is gone for a month. How dare he have a life anyway? Ha! I was trying to muddle through until his return, but that became impossible.

I ended up on the phone with a different tech person who taught me how to solve a lot of the most immediate software problems. My anti-spyware defenses apparently have recently become outmoded, so now I have a whole new battery of programs to wage war on the nasties. My desktop has quit shutting off at random and unwanted intervals, so that is a welcome improvement.

However, it also has hardware problems. I am not sure how many yet, we are starting with the cheap ones like the power supply first. The power supply is intermittently making the noises of bearings going bad so it is a prime first suspect.

Just to make matters worse, my main backup external hard drive also decided to take a dive this week. Foolish me for buying a Maxtor. I have been trying to retrieve 180 gb of data from it in the midst of everything else.

Fortunately I am truly paranoid about backups, so I have small mountains of cds and dvds, which is problematical because they require a lot of hunting to find a particular file. But pretty much everything is in there somewhere, probably at least twice.

I infinitely prefer my external hard drives because they are so much more convenient for large amounts of data. Of course, that means they are more efficient at losing large amounts of date in a hurry…

Weeks like this make writing with sticks in sand look good. The next wave wipes them out so the messages cannot be read, but perhaps that is not too dissimilar to the internet after all.



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